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The Zero Theorem (2013)

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**A gamer and his scientific...
Sunday, May 31, 2020

**A gamer and his scientific goal.** Honestly, this is the first film from Terry Gilliam I did not enjoy. I feel very bad to rate such a low for his film. Literally, there was no story in it. Just a confused character and the events surround him unfolds in a weird way. The characters, settings, I thought it had potential. Visually, it was the same Terry Gilliam style film, but the screenplay failed to have impressive developments. Nonetheless, Christopher Waltz was so good. It is being more a gamer's tale is what turned down. Seeing the title, I anticipated something brilliant or mind-bender. Though most of the film it was the main character who hold the joystick and try to achieve a scientific goal. The Melanie Thierry part was good. Brought some cheers, but did not end properly. The film did not fare well among the film goers. Mostly a mixed response. But I think it was a...

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