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Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

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2/10: Should not have been made...
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Should not have been made Maybe my standards are a bit unrealistic, but if you can't do at least was well as the first movie, don't make the second. Zombieland 2 is one of those movies that makes me wish someone had invented a way to unmake a movie--as if it had never happened, erased from the universal consciousness. Like the third "The Mummy" movie or that last Indiana Jones with that nutcase Shia Labeouf. Or any of the Terminator movies after the second one. Yes, this movie was that disappointing. Nothing fresh, nothing new, just a pale imitation of the first one. Everyone seemed like they were phoning it in. And how believable is it that the group dynamic hadn't changed at all in TEN YEARS? The two lovebirds hadn't progressed at all. The kid had obviously grown up, but not into someone likeable, rather into a fat, sulky, slightly stupid woman. Her sister...

6/10: Not bad, but not good...
Thursday, January 9, 2020

Not bad, but not good, for a sequel it's fine. Fun movie, definitely doesn't pack the brains and charisma as the first. The jokes are hilarious but become stale as the movie goes on, and a lot they overuse or just become redundant, like the dumb blonde was funny but gets overplayed and annoying to the point where it loses the comedy, same for the little girls love interest, and it's almost like the director said we need everyone to have a love interest... it could have been much more interesting... the only interesting love interest is woody And the new actress who I think is badass. Also Jessie eisenberg Emma stone are cool and the chemistry between the drama works, it's just the blond becomes so annoying and ruins it and them getting together again just feels unearned and cliche. The movie packs a punch with everything it has. The scene where the have two...

7/10: Still enjoying the little things...
Friday, October 18, 2019

Still enjoying the little things... This is a sequel for fans of the first 'Zombieland', simple as that. It's not here to try and persuade mainstream critics into actually liking a Horror movie, not to make a statement on society, or give you a glimpse into the director and/or writers' state of mind. It's here to say, "Sorry we kept you all waiting, now let's get back to business!" That business being zombie gore, gross-out gags, cheesy one-liners, and jokes about men who drive minivans. The main four actors give it their all and have fun as they slip back into their beloved roles and some of the new additions are a treat. The only downside is that it's mostly the same old song and dance. Of course, it all depends on whether or not you enjoyed the first movie. If you did, then I'm confident that you'll enjoy this one...

1/10: dreadful rubbish nothing like first...
Sunday, October 20, 2019

dreadful rubbish nothing like first film I was so looking forward to seeing this film, i was dissapointed in first scene, it was just tired joke after tired joke,i kept thinking.''oh it must get better'' but it just got worse, i wont put any spoilers, as the entire film is a spoiler, There is no plot no reason for the film at all,the same two people laughed out loud at the lame teenage jokes, whilst rest of cinema was silent, and we all left quickly at end. dont go and see this pile of excrement. i d give it zero stars if that was possible, how it can have so many good reviews i will never know,,

7/10: Golden rule: no sequel is...
Thursday, December 26, 2019

Golden rule: no sequel is as good as its predecessor (except Terminator 2, better than its predecessor) but they do earn good amount of dough. I saw this recently after revisiting part 1 and was totally disappointed. While the first one is filled with humor n gore, this one is devoid of gore n the humor is very lil n one of the most important thing, the amusement park, is missing n extra characters r introduced jus for the sake of the runtime. Nothing memorable apart from the start credit scene where an intelligent zombie uses the eyeball of a dead person to unlock a sealed door.

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