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Timecop (1994)


Time travelling butt kicker. Time...
Thursday, October 14, 2021

Time travelling butt kicker. Time travel is now a reality and with that comes opportunities for criminals to exploit to the maximum. The government sets up a special police force (T.E.C.) to ensure the new technology isn't abused. Enter Max Walker, a Timecop who upon learning of a corrupt politician's plot to become president, sets about doing all he can to stop him. Timecop did exactly what I wanted it to do, namely give me Jean-Claude Van Damme administering brutal violence in a sci-fi haze. It's a nice central premise with it's time travel plot, the sound and effects are fine within the genre, and Ron Silver on villain duties does a nice take in sleazy, corrupt politician verve. It's all set up for explosions, kills and a chance for Van Damme to show off his excellent line in splits, kicks and body punching tricks. Some weak acting exists of course...

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