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Loving (2016)


**The choices of life we...
Monday, June 8, 2020

**The choices of life we want to live are ours to make.** The film was inspired by the real life event, book and the documentary film. The message was awesome, but it's more like a personal. At least from the film's perspective about a couple and their struggle. Also the personalities of those two, who are so quiet, hence seems it was like a documentary film with a feature film touch. That does not mean Ruth Negga deserved the Oscars nominee. She got it only because of the black quota, otherwise there are many great performances to be considered who are not white, black or even American. So coming to the film, I like this kind of drama, It was so realistic and I won't mind if it runs past two hour mark. The first appreciation must go the two lead actors, they were the soul of the film. Surely awards worthy performances, but like I said...

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