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50 First Dates (2004)

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9/10: Adam and Drew's best...
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Adam and Drew's best offering This is the story of Henry Roth and Lucy Whitmore. Henry is a Vet working at Sea World in Hawaii. He is also a playboy and uses subterfuge to hook up with as many tourists as possible. It's not that he is afraid of commitment but rather he is planning an expedition on a boat he is refurbishing to study walruses in the wild. He plans to be gone for several years. One day Henry ends up at a local diner and meets Lucy. They connect immediately and it seems like a case of love at first sight. The next day when Henry returns for their second date, Lucy acts like she does not know him. It turns out Lucy was in an accident and cannot convert short-term memories into long-term, so when she goes to sleep she forgets what transpired the day before. So Henry sets about a daily task...

10/10: Never mind the sucky parts...
Saturday, November 19, 2005

Never mind the sucky parts, this is what love is See, I am a married man. And watching this movie, at home on the sofa with my wife whom I love above anything and hopefully always will, almost brought me to tears and easily did her. This movie, no matter all the overdone/overacted characters and the fact that Adam Sandler is probably the worst person in the world the act crying, is simply the best description of love ever. To have the energy to every day win over the heart of the one you love, is what we all should do, though ever so often don't have the energy to.I believe that movie criticism often nitpicks too much on technical details or other such stuff of -actually- little importance. Show me a person who is not moved by this film and I show you a person who knows zip about real love. Real, I mean. I am...

10/10: Favorite Sandler Comedy Ever I...
Friday, July 24, 2015

Favorite Sandler Comedy Ever I can't begin to say how much I like this movie. Barrymore is better in this than the Wedding Singer. It is a Sandler comedy so I've rated it with the idea in mind that it's purpose is to make you laugh and also tells a great, albeit unlikely story. Sandler is superb in movies he doesn't write. I don't like most of the movies where Sandler has had a heavy writing credit. Those are usually too sophomoric to be enjoyed. The music is great, the setting is great, the story is great and the characters are hilarious. I often wonder how people can take things so seriously. I mean if you read the synopsis or see the trailer for a movie Sandler is in and it looks like a corny comedy then go in with the right attitude. I watch this movie every time I see it on because it...

10/10: 'Love is Unconditional' 50 First...
Sunday, October 29, 2017

'Love is Unconditional' 50 First Dates is a love story of a beautiful couple,this movie shows a essence of true love.The lead male character Henry is shown pervert but when he falls in love with Lucy, he decides to be with her for rest of his life. Henry makes her fall in love him each and every single day, I loved that how patient and caring he was, his way of approaching the whole situation about Lucy was incredible. The story is very simple with no hidden meanings in it. People who are into watching Love Stories can go ahead with this movie, you guys are definitely gonna love it and probably you will fall in love with your partner again.This movie will make you smile, laugh and cry. Some scenes are very funny you are definitely gonna laugh specially Ula's character is very funny which keeps the grip of this movie and makes it balanced...

10/10: Stupid, idiotic, overly acted upon...
Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Stupid, idiotic, overly acted upon, just like true love is. I LOVE this movie. This movie has all the flaws that superficial critics would have a field day with. But it plays on different levels for people with different experiences. I think the goofy humour, the silly antics only plays towards reflecting reality.... this movie is true to its heart and will leave a touch on you if you watch it with an open heart without having a quality test in it. It delivers for me, what most multimillion movies can't. A genuine sense of being taken about by a story and truly enjoying it thoroughly. And it will never get old. I am writing this after 3 times watching it and the last time I watched it was 8 years ago.... it still gets me. It's a masterpiece as far as story telling goes and Sandler and BarryMore are the perfect fit for this. Love this movie...

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