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Kicking & Screaming (2005)


9/10: A Barrel of Laughs For the Whole Family
Monday, June 4, 2012

Being a huge fan of Will Ferrell, I eagerly anticipated to see this incredible sports comedy. To be honest I never had the opportunity to have seen it in theaters when it was released seven years ago. But I was fortunate enough to purchase it near my local video store and when I saw saw it, I was as giddy as kid in a candy store as I couldn't wait to slip this bad boy in my DVD. The great thing about "Kicking and Screaming" is that although Ferrell goes through his usual schtick of uptight hollers which has been a trademark to his comedic talents over the years, and sure he may have to water down his antics so that the content will be customized for family viewings. Still his dedication towards his work is flawless and his over the top zaniness will likely to tickle your funny bones, even the most hard-edged stoics might have a...

7/10: Better Than Coach Carter
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm not a big fan of (Will Ferrell), but sure he did it good this time. The story of the movie is old, predictable, whatever, but I loved its new and simple details. Not the greatest comedy, but it does amuse.Deep down inside it's about the reuniting between a father and his son, a very late one caused by the selfishness, vanity, and impudence of the father. And it's about another reuniting between that son and his own son as well, where the movie reveals that some times we, unintentionally, become the fathers we hated. Well, take it from me, some comedies give nothing to their substances, but not here.The level of the comedy itself wasn't bad. (Ferrell) is the whole show. He shows noticeable vitality, using his persona, as a middle-aged, middle-class, so idiot kind man, mixing it with his own style of cute nervousness or outward - mostly fake - coolness. So...

8/10: Ferrell Kicks and Screams
Monday, June 8, 2015

Kicking and Screaming (2005): Dir: Jesse Dylan / Cast: Will Ferrell, Robert Duvall, Mike Ditka, Kate Walsh, Musetta Vander: Very funny sports comedy about the lifestyle we are brought up to live. Will Ferrell is disappointed when his son is bench sitting on his grandfather's team. When his son is traded to the Tigers Ferrell decides to coach so to spend more time with his son. Unfortunately it goes to his head as Ferrell stoops to juvenile antics including name calling the opposing team. Although formula in structure the setup establishes the competitive relationship between Ferrell and his father, which stemmed from years of humiliation. Director Jesse Dylan is aided by a conclusion that is more gratifying than most films of its kind. It is a well crafted film backed with great comic payoff by its leads. Ferrell is hilarious as a father coping with how he was raised and how it is affecting how he is raising his son...

4/10: A bottom division of a movie
Thursday, January 3, 2008

After having enjoyed Will Ferrells other films,i decided to pick this one up,and while it is a present enough family film,it has a bit of a "Cookie cutter" feel to it. The plot:Ferrell is Phil Weston,a guy who has always tried to in press his dad Buck (Robert Duvall) at how he does sports,but he has sadly failed to do so.Yet when he sees his son football team without a coach,he decides that he should coach the team,so they beat the team his dad coaches and with help getting a co-coach in Mike Ditka,they start winning,but can they get to the final?View on the film:Direction:Director Jesse"son of Bob"Dylan is sadly unable to get the film past the point where you forget the other movies that are very like this(The bad news bears being the main one.)and the speed the team improve...

5/10: Kicking and Screaming
Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Okay Will Ferrell vehicle has the comedian portraying Phil Weston, a vitamins salesman whose whole life has been reduced to low expectations, trying to compete with a father who seems to have succeeded at everything while he has always failed. The only way it seems he'll ever feel good about himself is if he beats Daddy Weston(Robert Duvall, coasting on his charisma)where he's best at..the soccer field. Daddy Weston is THE soccer coach in their little league(THE GLADIATORS)and Ferrell's Phil desperately wants to beat his father in the finals to properly say he's the best. We see how Phil is a failure in getting a team going until he partners up with his father's arch-nemesis..Mike Ditka! If you are a fan of Ferrell comedies, this will be sure to please. But, this genre has been milked to death and then some and the final result leaves no one...

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