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Amusement (2008)

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5/10: Amusement A maniac practical joker...
Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amusement A maniac practical joker, with an overexaggerated, distinctively crazed laugh, terrorizes three young female adults he knew from childhood. We witness how he sets them up before capturing each one of them, preparing a very grisly game holding them in his house of horrors, a maze of intricately designed traps in darkened rooms he elaborately created for them to fall prey to for his own amusement.The opening hour works as a loose anthology, with each female victim headlining a chapter in the movie, named after them. The first victim is Shelby(Laura Breckenridge), who is riding home with her boyfriend, Robert(Tad Hilgenbrink) who likes to drive within a convoy(..partnered with two other vehicles on an interstate, working as a team;this one has a suspicious trucker in a rig and a seemingly hospitable suburban father driving an SUV). Unfortunately, Robert chooses the wrong convoy, it containing the laughing psychopath whose goal is to kidnap Shelby. This...

5/10: Occasionally creepy, but only occasionally...
Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Occasionally creepy, but only occasionally. Months have gone by while eager horror fans looked forward to the release of this buzzed-about little flick. From the trailers to the one-sheets, it was pretty clear this one had a chance to be a good creepfest. This buzz can affect the release, however, in a couple of ways. If you succeeded in a quality film and meet the expectations, you'll only further the buzz and increase your revenue. But, if the film falls even a bit short and disappoints the long-awaiting fans, it could greatly hurt any kind of 'recommendation profit.' Somehow, it managed to touch on neither of these possibilities, though. Instead, it fell in an awkward zone where it is far from a great film, but it still does deliver what was promised in the trailer.Of the stories told in this anthology-style film, I really only fully enjoyed one of them. The second story (with...

4/10: How can you care about...
Monday, October 26, 2009

How can you care about any of the characters if they are beyond stupid? Even for this type of genre This has got to be one of the most stupid horror film I have ever seen even if hardly anyone does what is commonsense in these types of genre. I usually somewhat forgive the stupidity of the characters in films like these, but this one pushes it too far. Even retards will have more common sense, that is how stupid the characters are not that I am saying I am a genius or anything, but the stupidity in this one is enough to give you a headache. As a matter of fact you just don't give a crap about any of the characters who are trying to survive cause they are dumb, especially Lisa she had it coming. The plot of this film is about a psycho killer trying to track down and kill 3 girls during his childhood...

3/10: Pretty lame A vicious psycho...
Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pretty lame A vicious psycho called the Laugh (badly overplayed with supremely annoying hamminess by the pitifully unconvincing Keir O'Donnell) exacts a harsh and complex revenge on three women who mocked him when he was a little boy. Director John Simpson and screenwriter John Wade Wall really fumble the ball with this grindingly predictable, uninspired, and grossly implausible outing by splitting up the narrative into several extremely disjointed and meandering separate segments, thus robbing the film of any necessary tension and momentum it crucially needs in order to work. Worse yet, the characters are all one-dimensional and underdeveloped; you never get to know the main female characters well enough to care about what happens to them. There are precious few jolts to speak of, with only a bit involving an ugly life-size clown in the "Tabitha" episode providing the sole decent creepy moment in the picture. The low body count and moderate gore don't help matters...

1/10: I've seen Bazooka Joe...
Monday, July 13, 2009

I've seen Bazooka Joe jokes more "Amusing" and frightening It would be easy to call 'Amusement' one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It probably was. But that's what you get when you invest an evening watching a straight-to-video low-budget horror movie. I guess it was my bad to think I was headed into a cheap rip-off of 'The Funhouse' with a name like 'Amusement.' Nothing, including the ironic title, could be farther from the truth. Strangely enough, the movie actually had some decent film-making. It seemed professionally made, or I should say, shot. From the completely unoriginal and predictable plot to the sad case of acting (ooooh, I'm crazy, so I'll laugh and be scaaaary) to the utterly mess of scenes spliced together, 'Amusement' is just plain a mess. I can't give away the premise without spoilers, but think of it as a gift so you can...

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