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Amusement (2008)


A bit of a mess...
Wednesday, March 30, 2022

A bit of a mess but offers some _amusement_. Starts out more like a anthology horror type of movie with 3 seperate shortfilms (of sorts even though they are all very much in the same universe and get tied together after a while). The first two 'shortfilms' were good, maybe even really good. With some genuinly creepy and well-crafted horror moments and really good cinematography. The third 'shortfilm' however, was not very good. In fact I would probably say it was mostly crap. In that one Jessica Lucas takes the lead and she (as usual perhaps) doesn't really try to do much acting and instead focuses on looking pretty. The second half where they all get tied in together, is really despite having it's moments with the solid cinematography continuing and some decent enough atmosphere is in the end very much a very messy ordeal with one plothole after the other and in the end doesn't...

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