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Ricochet (1991)

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3/10: The very definition of Routine...
Friday, September 22, 2006

The very definition of Routine Thriller. Denzel Washington is a prosperous, respected, happily married DA. John Lithgow is a prisoner whom Washington sent up the river years ago. Lithgow and a friend escape, murdering everyone in their path. Lithgow fakes his own death. Everyone now believes him to be a harmless corpse, but ha ha, he moves around lithely in his ghostly world (where does he get his money?) and devotes himself to making Washington's life miserable. Not KILLING Washington, but ruining his life forever, a la Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck in "Cape Fear," only worse.His frame-up of Washington is really devilishly skillful. He conks the unsuspecting DA on the head, take him to an empty swimming pool at an empty club, drugs him into near insensibility, and videotapes him having sex with some bimbo who, as it later turns out, is also giving him the clap.Washington finally wakes up to find himself in rags...

2/10: Not One Of Denzel's...
Friday, March 12, 2004

Not One Of Denzel's Best......... MILD SPOILERS, PERHAPS!!!!!!There seems to be strange anomaly in the career of Denzel Washington. It is one that finds him in both a high caliber production and an exploitive action film, within close proximity of each other. Observe: GLORY (1989)/HEART CONDITION (1990), DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS/VIRTUOSITY (both 1995), HE GOT GAME (1998)/THE BONE COLLECTOR (1999). That is not to say that he is not good in all these films, I mean, he even won an Oscar for the tepid TRAINING DAY. Perhaps his agent wanted Washington to diversify into different genres, including successful action pictures ($$$). The point of all this is, is to establish a better understanding of why, coming off a success with MO BETTER BLUES (1990), Washington would chose 1991's RICOCHET as a follow up project. It is another example, perhaps the most obvious, of the trend I have discussed above.RICHOCHET opens with young cop...

8/10: Despite some excessive things, this...
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Despite some excessive things, this is quite a good film. In "Ricochet" a dangerous man escapes from prison with the sole purpose of getting revenge on the man who put him behind bars many years ago. John Lithgow plays Earl and he goes on a limitless hunt trying to destroy the reputation of the former cop, now a respected district attorney played by Denzel Washington. Let's say that the formula of "Cape Fear" gets really twisted, really messy, at times outrageously funny trying to be very serious in here. What makes this movie worth viewing is the way the villain executes his plan of destroying the hero bit by bit without killing him, he makes better: he makes the honorable man looks like a crazy fool who'll lost respect of the society he helped to improve by condemning guys like Earl, and will try hard to get the love and respect of his family and friends. The plan...

8/10: Nifty revenge action thriller Smart...
Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nifty revenge action thriller Smart and ambitious rookie cop Nick Styles (an excellent and engaging performance by Denzel Washington) launches his career and rises all the way to assistant district attorney after he arrests vicious and cunning psycho Earl Talbot Blake (splendidly played with deliciously wicked lip-smacking relish by John Lithgow). Blake breaks out of jail so he can exact a harsh and clever revenge on Styles. Director Russell Mulcahy, working from a tight and nasty script by Steven E. de Souza, relates the absorbing plot at a constant brisk pace, stages the savage action scenes with real flashy style and energy, maintains a properly hard and gritty tone throughout, builds a considerable amount of tension, and tosses in plenty of startling moments of brutal violence. This film further benefits from fine acting by an able cast: Washington and Lithgow do top-notch work in the leads (Lithgow in particular makes for a marvelously mean and ruthless villain), with...

8/10: Denzel Washington in Die Hard...
Monday, December 20, 1999

Denzel Washington in Die Hard Mode? John Lithgow as a crackling maniac? You bet. And the results fun. Remember when John Lithgow used to be menacing? Remember when he was a demented psycho in Blow Out? or the magnificent transvestite in The World According to Garp? What about when he was a demented paranoid in The Twilight Zone - The Movie? And that religious tormented Reverend in Footloose? Even De Palma's Raising Cain was good in Lithgow's gallery of freaks. Yes, John Lithgow used to be dangerous as an actor. And one of those great performances was given in this little seen thriller directed by Russell "Highlander" Mulcahy. Denzel Washington, in a full, maniacal "Die Hard" mode, is Nick Styles, a maverick cop who is framed fro murder after Blake (Lithgow, in electric psycho mode) escapes form prison seeking revenge on Styles, the man that put him on cold seven years ago. The pace is really fast, the situations...

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