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Transporter 3 (2008)

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6/10: "Transporter 3" Doesn't Transport...
Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Transporter 3" Doesn't Transport As Well As Its Predecessors! The third installment in "The Transporter" franchise, "Transporter 3," with the indestructible Jason Statham, isn't as audaciously outlandish as its predecessor "Transporter 2." Furthermore, "Transporter 3" doesn't have characters as interesting, particularly as the sadistic, gun-toting doll or memorable as the little boy. Nevertheless, "Transporter 3" manages to be entertaining and outlandish nonsense with a couple of exciting scenes. The initial "Transporter" decried the illegal slave trade in Asians. "Transporter 3" focuses on the politically volatile issue of toxic waste dumping and its destructive effects to the environment. The computer generated imagery is as usual above average, though long shots of sleek sedans barreling along either paved or unpaved roads appears obviously speeded up and generates little excitement. The "Transporter 3" villains want to find a home for toxic waste and they try to blackmail a Ukrainian minister (Jeroen Krabbé of "The Living Daylights") into providing safe...

4/10: Worst of the three Transporter...
Sunday, May 2, 2010

Worst of the three Transporter films. Transporter 3 starts in Marseille where transporter Frank Martin (Jason Statham) has a car crash through his living room wall, his transporter friend Malcolm (David Atrakchi) was driving & is hurt badly but doesn't want to be separated from the car. Frank calls for an ambulance which takes Malcolm away but a few feet down the road the ambulance blows up, in the back of the car Frank finds a young Ukranian woman named Valentina (Natalya Rudakova) before he is knocked out. Frank comes round to find himself forced by a man named Johnson (Robert Knepper) to drive Valentina to a location in Odessa via a long drive through Europe, Frank has little choice & agrees. En-route Frank learns that Valentina is the kidnapped daughter of Ukranian Prime Minister Leonid Vasiley (Jeroen Krabbé) who is being blackmailed into signing documents to allow the dumping of tons of poisonous toxic waste, it's up to...

7/10: Transporter 3 Using the description...
Saturday, April 10, 2010

Transporter 3 Using the description "positively ridiculous" for a Transporter movie is a waste of breath. If you have seen the first two of the Jason Staitham action trilogy about a very focused, efficient, and also highly lucky "transporter" hired by those in-the-know for delivering whatever "package" is assigned him, then the dispension of logic is a common occurrence. This sequel has the package being a politician's Ukrainian daughter, to be delivered to some very ruthless clients who want to pollute with toxic waste and need permission in writing to travel ships carrying the stuff over a particular area on the water. So our transporter, who is provided extra motivation to deliver his package on time thanks to a metal bracelet which will explode if he is separate very far from his car which also wired to detonate, must drive across Europe at great speed and accuracy, with the occasional stop along the way, in order to...

7/10: Fun action thriller I had...
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun action thriller I had not seen any of the Transporters films and assumed they would be typical Hollywood fare packed full of CGI and a convoluted plot that made little sense, I only watched it because I was lent the DVD... I first suspected I might be wrong when I saw it was written Luc Besson who had previously impressed me with films like Nikita and Leon. The film opens with a ship full of toxic waste approaching the port of Odessa and having to wait at anchor while permission to dock is obtained. We then see a man and woman speeding off at a border post when ordered to get out of their car. The next time we see the car it is crashing into the house of Frank Martin, played by Jason Statham. He recognises the driver and calls an ambulance not realising that he has a bomb attached to him which will detonate when he gets...

6/10: Disappointing Okay, but not up...
Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Disappointing Okay, but not up to the earlier films, continuation of the story of Frank Martin, the Transporter.The plot has Frank taking the place of a friend for a job he turned down. The friend was killed and Frank is pressed into service driving a young lady to the Ukraine. It seems some powerful people want the girls dad, a Minster, to sign an agreement allowing them to pollute the country. To make sure that the job is done Frank and the girl have bracelets which will explode if they get too far from the car.Good action sequences get lost in a muddled plot line, we're not told the girl is the Minister's daughter until over an hour in (though we suspect) and little is explained until it has to be. Its all a mystery that is too simple to be much of a mystery. Frankly you'd have to never have seen a move or...

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