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Untraceable (2007)


Nothing new and only proving...
Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Nothing new and only proving that the horror genre in 2008 wasin need of reinvigoration. Jennifer Marsh is a secret service agent, her speciality is crime across the internet. One day she comes across a site that is untraceable, the host of the site conducts painful killings to entertain the watching public. The kicker being that the more people who log on and observe, the quicker the death will be, and, well people being people... There really isn't much to recommend here, outside of a solid performance from Diane Lane as Marsh, and some newer ingenious deaths to woo the gorno crowd, it's a buy the numbers horror thriller that seems to come along every three months. The villain is incredibly weak, the script is tepid and uninspiring, and the ending is as predictable as anything that has been done badly before. The premise promised so much as well, we are all here in an internet driven age...

A terrible movie that is...
Wednesday, March 30, 2022

A terrible movie that is full of cruelty. The problem of cyber crime is never relevant in our time. This cannot but scare. I am glad that I am using the Utopia P2P application, which allows me to keep my data safe.

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