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Justice League (2017)


This was my type of...
Monday, June 29, 2020

This was my type of Super Hero movie. Simple, straightforward plot without much social nonsens and preaching. Little in terms of the all too common whining and sel pitying by the heroes. They are heroes all the way without any nonsensical vendettas or moral bullshit (mostly). There is an episode with a temporary memory lapse and some unnecessary slowdown but it is quickly dealt with. On Wikipedia you can read that the movie was criticized for its “overuse of CGI”. Well, go watch another movie then for Christ sake! News Flash: It is a Super Hero movie! There are supposed to be a shitload of CGI in a super hero movie. Personally I enjoyed every second of the FX loaded scenes. I am quite happy to finally see a real Super Hero movie and especially to see Batman and Superman again after that utterly abysmal train wreck Batman v. Superman. I liked all the heros in this movie. The Flash...

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