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The Dark Knight (2008)


I used to leave a...
Wednesday, March 30, 2022

I used to leave a theatre after seeing a highly anticipated movie, specifically a sequel, and be so revved up about what I saw that I would declare that movie to be the best of a series. After each of the prequel "Star Wars" films, I rated that one the best, as good as any of the originals...for a time, until my opinion balanced out and I had a more well-rounded take. For that reason, I steer away from that mindset, and did for "Dark Knight". Though my opinion is solidifying already after having seen a Warner Bros. screening last night, "Dark Knight" ably stands on its own with or without "Batman Begins". At a two and a half hour runtime, it's definitely an epic of a movie, but one that never runs out of gas. A delightful addition to this experience was a healthy amount of IMAX footage, which significantly adds to the feel of being...

One of the best movies...
Wednesday, March 30, 2022

One of the best movies of all time. Christopher Nolan has brought us the Batman trilogy that it made it feel it could happen today. Christian Bale returns as Batman, was able to perform as wonderfully as he did in Batman Begins. The one person that ultimately stole the show had to be the late Heath Ledger who played as the Joker. His performance as a psychotic clown terrorizing Gotham City was one of the best performance as a superhero villain. One of the best parts of the Joker was when he was telling his victims on how “he got his scars?”. Another great part was when he kidnapped a police officer and he was recording it while scaring the man and also giving a warning to Batman. The supporting actor and actresses did a good job of delivering the story. I was disappointed that Katie Holmes did not return as Rachael Dawes but the actress how played as her...

This has no competition. It...
Wednesday, March 30, 2022

This has no competition. It is the very finest comic-book character movie ever made. Knowing the Burton, Donner and Nolan filmic adaptations of Batman and Superman exist helps me to sleep at night. They are Exhibit A of 'How to Make a Comic-Book Movie'. Nothing else has ever come even remotely close. These seven films (I include 'Superman II' because it was mostly Donner's work)--and Nolan's trilogy especially--are what I imagine a great director like Kubrick, Hitchcock or Kurosawa would have come up with, if they had ever been asked to make a Superman or Batman movie. They are the easiest for an audience to identify with because in these the scripts most approximate human emotions and the typical conundrums of the human experience--in short, are the closest, in a good way, they come to the complexities of the human condition. Peerless.

A sickening, borderline fascist film...
Wednesday, March 30, 2022

A sickening, borderline fascist film that is simultaneously dull and harmful. The editing represents that of an anti-pirate commercial and the politics are beyond reprehensible. The film ends with a monologue about how violent law-enforcement and brutality is what the country needs, but does not deserve. Nolan clearly did not intend for any subtext, yet that is not an excuse, if anything, that makes it worse. He includes these scenes to make the film more dark and edgy, yet there are people, from suppressed countries, who have to live through the hardships of violence from law-enforcers and dictatorship every day, and in his obliviousness, Nolan thinks that using this in a superhero film is a good excuse for self-importance. He is a war profiteer, and exploiter, and this is nothing short of disgusting.

Perhaps the best Batman movie...
Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Perhaps the best Batman movie of all times. I think that this Batman trilogy presents the well-known superhero history in an unexpected way with the capable to maintain on the edge of the chair all time. **Heath Ledger** present an excellent impersonification of a psychopath. All support roles are magnificent. And Bruce Wayne role played by Christian Bale, shows a human being behind of the mask.

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