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George of the Jungle 2 (2003)

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6/10: If you liked George the First, you'll probably like this one, too, although Church and Cleese are the only returning actors
Thursday, December 20, 2012

George of the Jungle (Christopher Showerman) has had five+ blissful years in the wild with his lovely wife Ursula (Julie Benz). Although he still runs into trees, it's a great life and the couple have been blessed with a son, Junior (Angus T. Jones, so little!). Only Ape (John Cleese) stayed in America, becoming a professional gambler in Las Vegas. However, Ursula's evil, smug mother (Beatrice Stanhope) still regrets the day her daughter ever took an African safari while ex-fiancé, Lyle (Thomas Haden Church) has a bizarre obsession with Ursula, too. These two, still residing in San Fran, hatch a plan to lure Ursula and Junior away from George and "back to" civilization. It starts with Junior's 5th birthday party in the jungle, where grandmother presents the little boy with a giant heap of gifts. She has also brought "girly" cosmetics and jewelry for Ursula. Against better judgment, Ursula, George and Junior decide to take a...

2/10: George Falls Flat from the Tree
Friday, September 3, 2010

Thomas Haden Church should've followed the previous stars' lead and avoided this script. The replacement stars are passable, but really lack the spark of the original cast and play it more as imitators than inhabitants of the characters. The script itself crosses the line from just stupid enough to be funny to just simply stupid, most evident in George's transition from sweet, innocent and naive to annoyingly stupid. Chris Showerman's performance fails to convince us that his clumsiness is anything more than intentional pratfalls intended to elicit a laugh. Unfortunately, they just aren't believable enough to be funny and happen way too often. The script takes Beatrice Stanhope's matronly meddling beyond plausibility, having her stoop to unfathomable depths to end her daughter's socially unbecoming marriage and reunite her with the clearly deranged Lyle van de Groot. Although her actions in the first film were somewhat believable, it is hard to imagine any mother would...

3/10: It could have been a decent sequel... but
Tuesday, July 25, 2006

There are just so many things wrong with this movie.To begin with, the first twenty minutes of the film could have been compressed into just five or maybe ten. The overall movie is (mercifully) short already, but this could have been made up for by giving a little more attention to the Mean Lion (how did the miss a reference to "The Wiz" on that one?) and working his subplot a little more closely into the main plot. In short, the script had the seed of a good idea, but needed quite a bit of reworking.Second, it could have done without the crude humor. The original also had some that it could have done without, but at least there it was almost an afterthought -- here, flatulence and urination abound.Third, the show is a little too self-aware. The original series had that well enough, as did the first movie, but here it's just way, way too...

1/10: Sheesh, this sequel is atrocious
Thursday, July 13, 2017

Someone please explain why the hell we have been delivered George of the Jungle 2.The silliness of the first one, coupled with Brendan Fraser's enjoyable slapstick, John Cleese's voice-over and Thomas Haden Church's funny portrayal of the villain is what made the film so fun, yet all of threat was taken away. No more Brendan Fraser. No more funny silliness. No more laughable antics from Haden Church, and Cleese is put to no good use as Ape the Ape.And to make matters worse, GotJ2 insists on assuring the viewers that the film is a sequel, a Disney sequel, and a Disney sequel without Brendan Fraser, this time with the less-famous Christopher Showerman, who isn't even closer to Brendan; which is extremely unprofessional and even more tiring and boring to watch and listen to.The narration is terrible and the subplot of teaching Geroge's young son, portrayed by Angus T. Jones (Jake...

3/10: This movie is bad
Sunday, November 12, 2017

On this website, this is currently ranked as the worst Disney movie of all time and it's probably in my Top 3. I admit there were a few funny jokes when they outright admitted they couldn't get Brendan Fraser back for this movie. Unfortunately, all that was drowned out by horrible special effects and bad jokes. The worst part is at the end where they have all these poop, fart, and crotch jokes. Looking back, I think the original "George Of The Jungle" was probably the funniest live action adaptation ever made. That's actually quite a compliment seeing as how the original show wasn't even that great.The CGI in this is among the worst I've ever seen in my life. The elephant and kangaroo look absolutely terrible and it sincerely scared me whenever they appeared on screen. This movie offers no interesting new villains. I remember these funny henchmen from the first movie and...

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