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The Personal History of David Copperfield (2019)


5/10: Disappointingly underwhelming
Saturday, November 16, 2019

I'm not Armando Iannucci's biggest fan so saw this at the Opening Gala of the London Film Festival with some trepidation. Unfortunately, I wasn't pleasantly surprised. Dev Patel does bring some charm to the proceedings, but the attempts at comedy in this retelling of Dickens' classic just don't work for me at all. Ben Whishaw and Tilda Swinton appear to be fish out of water and whilst it is good to see Hugh Laurie back on the big screen it all comes across as a bit of a hotch-potch of ideas and aspirations. The book's original questioning of Victorian values around child exploitation and of more general social attitudes seem to have been largely sidelined, robbing the story of much of it's heart and soul. It is also quite unnecessarily lengthy at just shy of two hours. As you'd expect, it is a good film to look at, featuring some very picturesque...

8/10: See it
Sunday, July 12, 2020

So have never read this book, saw the movie with an open mind, remember movies will never be as good as the book, is a fact. That said, go see it, give it a try, modern casting and all.Did notice the casting right away, but I just let it be, and I like it. Patel is a really good actor, like him in this. The acting is good, and did get the point the director was trying to make and do, something modern with a classic story.Don't get the people that are offended, there are plenty of adaptations of this book, so is a good thing to see something fresh, and different.It actually made me laugh, yes the story has bad moments, but is told in a different manner.And as of late, with everything that is going on, we are watching more and more movies, and in the sea of bad movies (talking to you...

6/10: Disappointing Adaptation
Wednesday, January 20, 2021

I finally finished the novel today, after months of hiding from the trailer for this film, and I was thrilled to watch. I understand that a lot of things are going to be changed and condensed from a 900 page novel into a 2 hour movie but boy, they made nearly all of the opposite decisions I would've made on what to keep and what to throw away. Mr. Dick must've gotten 10 times the screen time as Peggotty and Mr. Peggotty who were two of my favourite characters in the novel. In the beginning, I really enjoyed the whimsical nature, however, the whimsy seems to have disappeared after the first half, leaving me to wonder why it was added at all? I loved the diversity in the cast, and what a cast it was, but wow.. just a really disappointing adaptation of a beautiful novel

5/10: Off target
Monday, January 27, 2020

The set up for this film appears, on the face of it, quite promising. However, there is too much 'wrong' in the execution of it that the final product fails on all fronts. Is it a spoof? A comedy? Historical reconstruction? Ten minutes in and you won't care, you just know you're in for some dull stuff that isn't bad enough for you to walk out. Besides, you want to see what your rated actors are going to do with this lemon. Not a lot as it turns out. If only this enterprise had been taken the next step, that is, turned into a proper pantomime, then we would have laughed, appreciated the pratfalls, slapstick and other tricks that fall flat in straight film making. TV trash. Nothing more

9/10: Delightful
Thursday, February 6, 2020

As an avid Dickens reader, and watcher of both film, and TV adaptations going back almost 60 years, I have a strong familiarity with, and affinity for, his works. I am aware that opinions vary and taste is very much an individual thing. Leaving the cinema today, a couple I spoke to were of mixed opinions and felt it was too long. They liked "1917", I did not - opinion is very personal. I loved it, found it extremely funny at points and got the essence of the book in a most accessible way. I must also admit to loving "Dickensian", and " A Christmas Carol" more recently and this felt to be very much in the same vein. More like this please

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