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Happy Gilmore (1995)


Mr. Angry channels aggression nicely...
Friday, April 24, 2020

Mr. Angry channels aggression nicely... True Story. All my friends are golfers, however, it's not a sport for me. I played with them once after they continued to badger me about it, at a par 4 hole I used a putter instead of a driver to get onto the green, literally just whacked it straight and hard, I holed in 3, much to my friend's consternation!! The purpose of that story is why I enjoyed Happy Gilmore so much, it takes fun pot shots at the sport whilst daftly proclaiming that any dude can play in his own style. This is an absolutely no brain movie of course, with a plot as daft as it sounds - a failed/angry ice-hockey player takes up golf to earn money to save his granny's house from being repossessed - and of course he becomes a cause célèbre to the golfing curates. Sandler has and always will be an acquired comedy...

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