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Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)


9/10: Better than Star Wars
Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ignore the negative comments and the usual pathetic "cheesy" wisecracks. This movie has more heart and soul than "Star Wars" or any of the big budget space operas floating around at the same time. The characters are more memorable, the dialogue is better and there is nothing "fairytale" about the ending. A lot of the characters we wind up liking die in this one.It's yet another update of the "Seven Samurai" story and just as effective in its milieu as "Magnificent Seven" was in its. A ghoulish galactic conqueror has targeted the peaceful planet Akir for his next attack. Sador and his band of mutants have access to a planet-destroying weapon. The pacifist Akiri have no skill or stomach for fighting except for a select few. Young Shad decides that if his people cannot fight, they will hire mercenaries to fight for them. Onboard a sentient spaceship with a crusty personality, Shad begins to assemble a ragtag...

7/10: Battle Beyond the Stars
Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gung-ho sci-fi action fun featuring a solid B-movie cast, one of many erupting after the enormous success of STAR WARS. While the special effects may seem inferior to today's computer generated graphics, there was something aesthetically pleasing to see real, finely detailed models duking it out with lasers in space battle.Shad's(Richard Thomas) people on the planet Akira are threatened by the evil commander Sador(John Saxon)whose gargantuan ship houses a weapon that can actually disintegrate planets. Sador realizes that Akira has the right kind of habitat for his mutant soldiers and is willing to butcher an entire civilization in order to gain rule over it. Shad volunteers to seek out mercenaries willing to help his people combat Sador.Roger Corman's successful production, BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, achieves a great deal on a modest budget thanks in part to John Sayles' very sharp, witty, really amusing script which takes the sci-fi...

6/10: Loads of fun to be had
Saturday, August 19, 2006

You know, for all of the cheapness of his films, Roger Corman can occasionally turn out a pretty entertaining film. This was one of them.Back in the day, my friends and I clamored for anything remotely like Star Wars. Unfortunately, other than some quickly made knock-offs from Japan and Italy, there weren't many. Then, around 1980, I came across an article in Starlog about this movie. It looked interesting, although it was obviously inspired by The Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven; but, hey, Star Wars stole from Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress. I didn't get a chance to see the film in the theaters, but caught it later on cable. It was a pretty entertaining film, despite the cheesy scenes and hammy acting. Everybody seemed to be having fun and it didn't take itself too seriously.Richard Thomas, fresh from The Waltons, takes to the stars to recruit mercenaries to save his agrarian world from invaders, led...

9/10: A delightfully spirited and good-natured early 80's sci-fi action/adventure treat
Friday, July 14, 2006

Roger Corman's highly energetic and enjoyable handy dandy combo blend of "Star Wars" and "The Magnificent Seven" has lost none of its charm or entertainment value over the years. The film still radiates a certain irresistibly sweet and dynamic good-natured quality to this very day. Evil space conqueror Sador (John Saxon having himself a wonderfully wicked field day in a juicy villain part) threatens to kill all the peace-loving people on the planet of Akir unless they willingly submit to his foul desires. It's up to naive, but eager young emissary Shad (earnestly essayed with disarmingly wide-eyed aplomb by Richard Thomas of "The Waltons" fame) to round up seven mercenaries in order to fight back against Sador. Said mercenaries include the delectably busty'n'lusty Sybil Danning as a sexy Amazonian warrior woman, George Peppard as the hilariously booze-sodden Space Cowboy, Morgan Woodward as vengeful reptilian humanoid lizard Cayman, the lovely Darlanne Fluegel as...

8/10: Cheap n'cheerful
Sunday, January 30, 2005

First saw this back on UK t.v. one weekday afternoon in the mid 80s and loved it but then i was about 7. I didn't see it again until about 1990 and the only thing i had remembered about it was the Space Cowboy character and the Robert Vaughn mercenary.Now its on satellite telly virtually every week and i've managed to see it a few times. Half of me wants to like this movie and the other half tells me its really a load of rubbish. James Horner's music is a classic and Robert Vaughn's character is the epitome of cool, especially the way he blows all those enemy ships to pieces and the only thing he seems to move are his eyes! George Peppard's space cowboy is OTT but he has some nice scenes such as the land battle as his final charge at the enemy cruiser. The villains are funny (John...

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