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The Ticket (2016)


**When he got a rare...
Monday, June 8, 2020

**When he got a rare second change to start over the life!** The intention was good, but the film was not made right way to enjoy. Of course the story, the setting were not cheerful kind, but too slow, silent, dragged scenes, all made it even worse. Watching it from the beginning to the beginning of the final segment was challenging. Only at the final few minutes it all made sense. I thought at least it ended better. A blind man happily married with a kid, one day wakes up in the morning with a miracle. He regained his vision, following that, all the sudden his life getting changed. That also leads him over taking some tough decisions. With his new lease of life, he has shaped his life as he wanted. Now a fresh trouble surfaces and its consequences are hard hitting. What his choices and how the story ends are the remaining parts. Dan Stevens was good. You...

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