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The Forest (2016)


3/10: Don't Go Into Those Woods
Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hunger Games" starlet Natalie Dormer plays twin sisters in jeopardy in first-time film director Jason Zada's "The Forest," a superficial, supernatural saga set in the unsavory 'suicide forest' in Japan. Basically, this tame twin sisters tale of terror recycles cobwebbed clichés from dozens of standard-issue horror movies, but conjures two few legitimate scares. This half-baked, hallucinatory horror epic features two kinds of scares. A ghoul or group of ghouls materialize out of nowhere in front of our heroine or a zombie stalks her. Indeed, some of these sightings occur at night when our heroine is where she shouldn't be stumbling through the foliage with nothing more than her cell phone to illuminate the gloom. Otherwise, neither Dormer's sympathetic performance nor the exotic real-life setting of Aokigahara makes this exercise in suspense remotely memorable. Clocking in at 95 minutes, "The Forest" could have conjured up more spooky encounters. Nothing here is comparable to genuinely...

4/10: Initially looks to develop both its characters and its setting, but settles for mediocrity in the end
Saturday, January 9, 2016

Upon seeing Jason Zada's "The Forest," I feel like I'm at a point of indifference I have never been at before when it comes to watching and reviewing films. Normally, I emerge from films eager to talk about some aspect, or feel empowered to emphasize details or things in the film I wouldn't have thought general audiences might have noticed themselves. With "The Forest," I emerge with depressingly little to talk about. It's become far too common to kick off a new year with an underwhelming horror film (2012 had "The Devil Inside," 2013 had "Texas Chainsaw 3D," 2014 had "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones," and 2015 had "The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death"), and if nothing else, that seems to be the only constant in American cinema alongside with a surefire hurricane of blockbusters starting in May and continuing through July)."The Forest" is set in the Aokigahara Forest, located in Japan's...

7/10: OK hear me out... (Theory
Thursday, January 7, 2016

I watched this movie today and I can't help but think that the film is more complicated than it might seem. I feel that this movie is more about mental illness than it is about spirits in the Aokigahara. Let's start with the facts, we have our main character, Sara, and her identical twin, Jess. The story behind these sisters is that, when they were small, they were going down a set of stairs with their grandmother. When they are approaching the bottom of the staircase, the grandmother yells "cover your eyes". What had happened was their father had killed their mother and then proceeded to kill himself. Sara covered her eyes and never saw what had happened, but Jess did not and saw everything. Now here is what I think this whole movie is about, there is no twin sister. There is no Jess. Bear with me here. I think that due to this traumatic experience in...

7/10: The Forest" tells us not to stray from the path, but you'll be glad that this film does
Monday, January 11, 2016

The woods can be a very scary place. When I was in college, one of my friends talked me into going for a nighttime walk which led us into an old cemetery filled with trees. When we reached the middle of the cemetery, a tall figure which seemed to have no face stepped out from behind a tree and groaned like a ghost. I had run about half-way back towards the cemetery entrance before I heard people laughing hysterically. The "ghost" removed the gray hood from his head and my friends and I had a good laugh about the whole incident as we walked back to the campus. If it turns out there's no real danger, it can be fun to be scared. If you're in an actual haunted forest, not so much. A deep, dark forest with many reasons to fear it is the primary setting for the horror thriller "The Forest" (PG-13, 1:35...

5/10: Creepy, and deeply unsettling on many levels; however
Friday, January 8, 2016

After Sarah discovers her twin sister has disappeared into the suicide forest, she travels to Japan in hopes of finding her, after getting some help from a guy she's met, of which had clearance to take her into said forest, things take a turn for the worse as strange occurrences befall Sarah, as well as the others, turning more, and more sinister, and even deadly. First off, the story of this entire film I personally thought was neat. Having the emotional depth of knowing your close siblings missing was unique, and added impact toward this film. Making things serious, including having said sister missing in another country, let alone the deadliest place in said country is worse, adding tension, as well as some hope for the audience. Moving on; throughout this entire movie, things ended up a bit clichéd-like, in terms of the whole genre of horror. This horror movie took the clichéd route. You know when your...

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