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Blade II (2002)

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8/10: Ahhh, MUCH better!! Blade II...
Thursday, April 11, 2002

Ahhh, MUCH better!! Blade II is an exciting action film that takes the tired vampire story and adds a new twist by introducing an entirely new villain. Sure, there is sure to be some controversy (at least among film fans and fans of the genre) about whether or not it is right to introduce new characters in this way. Vampires are a tired theme at the movies, but it is a time-honored genre in itself that deserves respect just from the fact that it has been around for so long in literature before the movies. The question of whether or not the writers were justified in introducing these new characters is, in my opinion, satisfied by the fact that they made such quality villains that fit so well into the genre.I am thrilled to see that they didn't just make another dumb Blade film that was exactly the same as the original except for the possibility of...

10/10: An imaginative awesome the best...
Friday, October 30, 2015

An imaginative awesome the best stylish action film ever made! Blade II (2002) is the vampire superhero action horror sequel film to the original film Blade (1998). We have a kick ass sequel to an R rated kick ass first movie you go the mix of Daryl Dixon who still looks the same and a ball headed Hellboy Excellent!!! Blade II is an awesome movie!!!! Not only does it takes 4.years for this movie to come out since the last movie, but we see Wesley Snipes returning as Blade and he Is awesome!! I love this film but I love the first one way more. It is my second favorite in the Blade trilogy series. So in this movie Blade is on a search for a Whistler, who is now a vampire in this movie. He tracks him down, he finds him, than he meets up with this group of vampires called the Bloodpack. They need his help to...

4/10: It just sucks This sequel...
Saturday, April 22, 2006

It just sucks This sequel takes out everything that was good about the first film and adds in stuff that doesn't work at all. The marvelous action scenes are replaced by traditional Hollywood fights where you have no clue of what's going on and several times the director feels the need to use unrealistic CGI just to replace his actors. You can easily tell the difference between actors and the CGI versions of them, especially in this film. Trust me. Especially dumb is the scene in the beginning where Blade fights against another vampire, and it is shown from the side as if it was some kind of Mortal Kombat video game. You'll have to look hard for a dumber action scene, actually.The Blade series is here turned into something much less mature and adult and into something that is even more dumbed down than the original (which was no Casablanca, but still good). Action at...

5/10: Okay.......I guess................ I am...
Saturday, October 15, 2016

Okay.......I guess................ I am a fan of dark fantasy movies like Underworld.So,I took up on Blade as well.The first one was OK as well even though the visual effects were not so good but that is understandable considering when it was made.I was hoping for an improvement at the second film.I didn't really see it.While the plot is very interesting especially in the beginning with the introduction of a new element,after a while the hype is gone.There are many reasons behind that.First of all,there are a lot of unnecessary bad-ass wannabe moments when many characters try to act tough with no reason at all.Second of all,full of silly clich├ęs.The vamp squad's members names were all typical,tough and mighty,trying so hard to create some kind of badassery but fails since they are so weak.Their cloths and weapons,ridiculous gigantic hammers etc...

7/10: Now Blade has a Soul...
Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Now Blade has a Soul... Blade I was what I call a good rental for "popcorn eater": good action scenes, descent acting but nothing more. Blade II is what I call a true motion picture, a cinematic experience. How many sequels (in the horror genre) are better than the original movie? Moreover how many good comics adaptation do we know of? "Few" is the answer for both questions and Blade II might be among those "few". It is a multi-layers movie where the action/horror fanatic will have what they're looking for, a Vampire/Kung Fu flick (and that's fine) however those of us who are asking for more than just another Blade sequel might discover a very thought through movie blend in a myriad of details with extraordinary fight sequences (thanks to Donnie Yen) and a "design" feel to it. Obviously the main critic against Blade II is a very "simplistic" scenario when you know from...

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