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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)


9/10: Best Made MCU Film
Friday, June 26, 2020

The start of the Russo Era. This movie is highly ranked among MCU fans(mostly No.1), yes I do agree it is the best made MCU film, its just isn't my favourite.The action is spectacular, the hand to hand combat between Steve and Bucky was top notch choreography. They kept wide shots and less cuts, and in day light, we can clearly see all their moves. Action wise, this is the best in MCU but personally I don't weight action as much as I wait other factors.The story is also great, nazi-hyder still lying around in Shield was a great twist. Hyder never leaves Captain America. The Bucky twist also feels natural, brings a relationship element with the main villain. The flashbacks and past film does the job to set it up.Russo's got Natasha so right, she shined throughout the film, her action sequence were the most bad-ass female fight I...

10/10: Snowpiercer
Sunday, November 29, 2020

During the break I took between The Avengers (2012-also reviewed) & Captain America: Civil War (2016-also reviewed) from seeing any MCU films,this was the entry I kept hearing about,and was the most intrigued about viewing someday. Catching up with all the MCU films that I've missed on Disney+,I got set to finally encounter the soldier.View on the film:Drawing their first issue of the MCU, co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo team up with cinematographer Trent Opaloch to make a splash by welding the flawless CGI with white-knuckle hand-to-hand combat sequence, placed in narrow locations such as lifts to give a up-close perspective to the ground and pound attacks.Throwing Captain America's shield across the screen, the Russo's cross the pristine shine of the CBM with the glossy anxiety atmosphere of a Thriller, thanks to ultra-stylised arc shots bleeding The Winter Soldier across the panels of the...

10/10: Maybe the best MCU movie
Monday, April 27, 2020

The fact that I rate this movie with 10 is not an exaggeration. This particular movie I really consider to be the best of MCU as the character development, the story, the action scenes, the direction and many more details still shock you.It could be said that this is a political drama with a strong Marvel dose in it. The dialogues are also excellent and careful written as well as the casting. I understand that many other movies like Infinity War, Avengers etc. are considered by most to be 'better', but if you watch this specific movie twice or more, you will realize that you are facing a masterpiece in all respects. In most parts of it, you think that you are in the movie and you feel that you are experiencing the emotions of the characters. In my humble personal opinion, I will repeat that Captain America: Winter Soldier is a masterpiece and will always be my number...

9/10: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Review - 8.7/10
Saturday, December 12, 2020

Definitely one of the best sequels in the entire MCU. It's everything you would expect and everything you could every ask for in a Captain America sequel. There's nazis, HYDRA, Nick Fury faking his freaking death, and action. Lots of fantastic Marvel action. This isn't just one of those films that are just 95% action, 5% storytelling, one of the things this films does best is balancing story with action. For example, the Winter Soldier and Steve have some of the best fights in the MCU, but whenever Steve finds out who the Winter Soldier is, it becomes not only an amazingly choreographed fight, but also an emotional one. In conclusion, this is the first truly great MCU sequel

8/10: Another great film in the MCU
Sunday, February 23, 2020

I always thought Captain America was a corny "golden age of comics" superhero that had long passed his expiration date. I was shocked by how much I liked him in his first film. I was delighted to grow to like him even more in this one. They set up the character beautifully in the first movie, but he explodes as a hero here. It's hard to fault the character or this movie. Not just the MC, but the whole cast was well written and acted here. The action is well directed and tense. Battles feel much more real than most Marvel battles. There was much less obvious CGI than most films in the franchise, and it pays off. This is one of the best Marvel films to date. Lightning in a bottle. A highlight in the MCU

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