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Saga of Tanya The Evil: The Movie (2019)


9/10: More action packed continuation
Thursday, September 5, 2019

This story is about this nice and sweet young girl, who had to run away from her country as it was conquered by advancing empire. Her father was killed by one of empire's most ruthless officer who commands battalion of powerful mages. She swore to defeat the empire so no one else will suffer again and joined military group of volunteers from all around the world.She finds friends there, and tutor in form of older officer who is trying to teach her about duty of soldier. This somewhat quirky girl may be lacking in military training and can't really hit a target during training session, but she is full of resolve and blessed by powerful magic.She comes to aid foreign country under attack when ... what? ... Are you sure? ... OK, I was informed that was our antagonist. Our protagonist is that ruthless officer of the empire. Tanya hates war, she wants to live far away in the...

10/10: Youjo Senki Movie Review
Friday, July 5, 2019

I recently watched this film at a convention called 'Supernova', at the time, I didn't really have anything else to do. So I decided to spend my free time watching this. As you can probably tell by the rating, It was obviously worth it, my expectations completely blew out of the water, it had great- art, animation, and a suitable storyline. The main character- Tanya Degurechaff- has a fantastic mix of personalities, only only is she a little girl, but is cold and calculating, has the belief of mental superiority over others, and withholds sociopathic tendencies. The only complaint would consider making, is that some of the really 'intense' scenes, the movie became a bit choppy, dropping to around 12 frames per second. Overall, however, I strongly recommend this movie

10/10: Saga Tanya the Evil Movie, Spinoff of Yojo Senki
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I just seen Tanya the Evil the Movie with my Dad in the Theaters, it was a very rich and fulfilling experience. I loved the story line, and how much action there was everywhere. They kept the war scenes very realistic, and you could really appreciate every part of the movie. I also enjoyed some of the comedy scenes that was applied to the movie, the movie had a little bit of everything. It was very dark and intense as well. I very much enjoyed the experience. Thanks for having the subtitled version in the Usa, Me and my Dad had a lot of fun, and we are looking forward to more in the future

10/10: Just saw the subbed US premiere and it was amazing
Friday, May 17, 2019

This is the first review I've taken the time to write on imdb. This movie went far beyond my already high expectations for it. The first season already had stunning animation and amazing sound effects but the movie is leaps and bounds beyond it. Along with the beautiful animation and incredible audio the story continues to impress and the movie did a great job of being a direct continuation of the first season. There is nonstop action and laughs throughout the entire movie. If you enjoyed the series at all you need to see this movie! Can't wait for season 2

10/10: Definitely 10/10
Monday, August 17, 2020

For the last ten minutes i was just staring at the black screen just admiring and thinking about this piece of art it's so amazing and it's waay more than just an action movie the amount of emotion and how they represented the war between the heart and the mind have lift me speechless just WOW

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