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A Kid in King Arthur's Court (1995)

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8/10: Dissect and find more than the obvious
Saturday, April 2, 2005

It sounds stupid to try and dissect a film like this that was made for pure amusement of children and families alike. But, it's not at all unreasonable. Sure it's quirky, stupid, and laughable. But, the manufactured King Arthur's Court supplies the setting for a young man's triumph over his battle with his own self esteem and lack of dignity. In an our era where we would call Calvin (Nichols) a geek, dweeb, etc. But, when he is transformed into another world where he is feared, respected, and set on a high honor for his vi rage of instruments, (Rollerblades, Mad Dog Bubblegum, Rock N Roll) and his curious language (cool is hot?). But, in the end he comes to grips with reality, and with himself. He comes to realize that he is more than what people may think of him. He gains courage and self respect. Now, even if that is done in a pop...

7/10: Kate Winslet in a Disney movie
Sunday, February 19, 2006

sounds good right? Hmmm! If only it weren't the cheesiest of all Disney movies you would ever hope to see. I'm sure this film dropped off of her casting call resume years ago! She plays Princess Sarah, daughter of an ailing King who is being pressured to give her hand away in marriage. But like many of Winslet's characters, Sarah is headstrong and refuses to marry for anything less than love. Okay, you're reading this and wondering, wow! cool right? Well, it would have been perfect if the film were about Princess Sarah's love troubles but it's not. Kate's part is actually a supporting-supporting role and a side story. The main story is the story of a boy called Kevin, in present day California, who gets hit on the head by a fly ball during baseball practice and wakes up in the age of King Arthur. No, I am not making this...

3/10: A sad excuse for a movie, plot wise, but the acting was okay, with a few exceptions
Friday, June 1, 2007

A Kid in King Authurs Court is just about the worst Disney movie I have ever seen. The plot was fairly predictable, except for Princess Sarah being the black knight. I mean, come on, a Disney movie where the princess doens't marry her true love? Puh-lease! The acting was okay, Thomas Ian Nicholas was okay, but seemed to be there mostly for eye candy. I thought Paloma Baeza did a good job as princess katy, but wasn't as fantastic as I think she could be in other roles. Kate Winslet, as usual, did completely fantastic as Princess Sarah, as in all her other roles, she added a lot to the movie. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't even have watched the movie anyways. Art Malik was quite good as Lord Belasco, and Ron Moody was a great choice for Merlin. So, mostly good acting, but a not so story

8/10: A good movie for kids who seem to have seen everything new
Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This movie is best for 9-14 year old kids. I use it in my middle school history class to see what life was like in the middle ages. If your looking for a movie for adults, or an accurate version of the King Arthur story, this is NOT the movie for you. This is a great movie, very funny! The Jokes are timeless and the story is cute. Even boys who can't stand "history" movies like this because of it's jousting and swordplay scenes. It is an adventure without being grotesque or scary. The girls like the underlying love story. I have shown this movie to over 400 students and they all had positive comments about it. These days it is hard to interest kids without video games or swear words. This gets the job done

8/10: Good adaptation of Mark Twain's story
Sunday, August 8, 1999

I just finished watching this as a Sunday night Disney movie on TV. I found this to be a pretty faithful to the IDEA of Mark Twain's original story. Granted it didn't even TRY to follow the original plot, however I don't think that was ever the intention.Taking it as a new work, based on the theme of the original, and not as an adaptation of the original, I think this was well done, and the identity of the black knight SHOULD have been obvious, but it took me by complete surprise.Kate Winslet does a very good job as the Princess, and Patrick Macnee does an excellent job as Merlin.All in all a very enjoyable FAMILY movie with no bloody violence and not a single bad word that I can recall

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