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Heart and Souls (1993)

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9/10: One of my all-time...
Friday, April 14, 2006

One of my all-time favorites! Just call me a sentimental sap, but This one is one of my favorite movies. Robert Downey Jr., Alfre Woodard, Kyra Sedgwick, Charles Grodin, Elisabeth Shue, Tome Sizemore, Dave Paymer where all excellent! What a Great combination! I saw this movie before my youngest son was born and it made such a lasting impression on me that it caused me to make bedtime rituals with him (Prayer, and what he calls his Lu-Lu's (a song We made up)). I've seen this movie maybe a half dozen times and stop and wait any time I see that it's on TV. THis movie made me a Robert Downey Jr. fan, and it made me a little more sympathetic to his personal issues. I'm happy to see that he may have finally turned the corner on his recovery.

10/10: Excellent Acting, Great Music and...
Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Excellent Acting, Great Music and Great Film It's rare to find a composer who writes music throughout films anymore. This composition was fantastic and really pulls at the heart strings as much as this movie does. It's a great feel good movie for all ages. Robert Downey Jr. is at his best and Tom Sizemore and the rest of the cast are fantastic. It's so great to see a movie with so much character and so much creativity. I really enjoyed the time period acting and how true to form they were. The movie will make you feel good and give you the satisfaction that you search for when paying a couple of bucks to see a film. This director needs to come back to making big budget films. Excellent Acting, Excellent Music, Excellent Film

10/10: One you can watch with...
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

One you can watch with your children and not be embarrassed. Heart and Souls is a great movie. It is one you can watch with your children and not be embarrassed. It is also a great romantic comedy that can be watched with the love of your life. I don't understand why this didn't get a lot of attention when it came out. I just picked it up by chance for Valentines Day and am really glad I did. The acting was good and the story line well developed. The beginning is difficult to follow however. It starts with a short vignette on each of the key players but it doesn't make that clear. It is only later that you realize what the beginning was about. Well worth watching once, twice, even three times.

8/10: Nice Combination! This was another...
Sunday, October 1, 2006

Nice Combination! This was another winner in a fantastic year for movies: 1993. In fact, there were so many good movies in this year that films like this were buried.If you can just ignore the typically off-the-wall Hollywood version of death and heaven and just enjoy the wonderfully-sentimental and humorous fantasy- romance-drama story, you'll be very entertained.The story is nicely told, entertaining start-to-finish in its 103 minutes. It really takes off after Robert Downey Jr. has become an adult and the "spirits" return to him.As much humor as in here, in addition to fantasy and drama, the final 15-20 minutes are tear-jerking.

10/10: A true "feel - good" movie...
Thursday, January 18, 2001

A true "feel - good" movie This is one of my favourite films ever, but virtually no one has heard of it. It isn't to complicated but is very watchable. All the cast work very well together with the various chemistry showing, particularly between the 4 souls.Admittedly the special effects aren't exactly brilliant, but neither are they awful. Guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye in a few places, this is a simple story with heart-felt performances from the cast. Next time it's on TV, don't skip it - you might be pleasantly surprised.

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