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Raiders of the lost shark (2015)

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2/10: Is that the same flying shark everyone's been talking about
Sunday, August 9, 2015

I did my research on this film before watching it, I read lots of reviews across the internet and most of the ratings I have found give this film a generous 1/10. Most agree that this is a really really bad film and also agree that this film will rob you of your time which could have been used better on something else. Let's be clear this film is not a Hollywood epic or even a underground cult gem, it is not charming and it is not sexy.I have to be honest, I disagree with a lot of the reviews I've read, okay the film was pretty bad but it was not the worst film I have ever seen. I think other reviewers have missed the fact that this film doesn't take itself seriously at all, even the credits demonstrate this with the "only joking" statement after saying it's based on a real event...

1/10: Flying Shark...nuff said
Sunday, June 21, 2015

Where to begin with this poor excuse for a movie? The acting is some of the worst in any film. These people make David Duchovny seem full of emotion. The dialog sounds like it was written by middle school children. For example three women running fall to the ground, two of them get up, the third one vanishes. One girl says "Where did Janet go?" The other one replies "I think she rolled down that hill, we have to go find that creepy guy" and they run away without their friend who rolled down a non existent hill covered in enough trees to stop anyone from rolling anywhere.The effects were anything but special. And the shark...oh the shark...they truly jumped the shark on this one...OK first the shark starts out in a lake, never mind that sharks can't live in fresh water. It can also move the water, jump in and out of it without...

1/10: Words mean nothing
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Recently i have watched quite a few shark films, this is definitely the worst!I think its an insult to call this a film. It looks like it was recorded from an IPhone. 0 amount of effort went into making this mess. I watched the trailer before viewing this movie, and its something when the trailer makes absolutely no point, as its absolutely means nothing whatsoever to the whole plot.In short a military shark has escaped .. a teacher wants revenge for the shark eating her sister .. Teenagers wanting to go to the island to assume look at the shark? In the trailer its mentioning about a perfect vacation, utter rubbish.The actors are beyond awful. You don't gain any sort of warmth for any of the characters. In some cases, it looked like they actually have forgotten their lines, and it was improvised. Its a shame, because the only decent thing about this film is the poster advertising...

4/10: An Unexpected Treat
Sunday, May 1, 2016

Watched this the other night, and I have to say this DOES fall into my personal 'So Bad It's Good' territory, and a keeper, unlike some of the reviewer's views so far. SO much to savor. Where to start? I love that the DVD cover, as good as it is, has virtually NO images relating to the film.... apart from water and a shark. I love that nearly every shark-killing in the 'movie' is met by matter-of-factness as opposed to abject horror and sympathy. The indoor scenes have bad sound but you can hear the air conditioning excellently. The acting is earnest but eclectic, particularly from the boat's captain and the Police Marshall, and the dialogue is ripe and over-wrought, but there are genuine attempts at humour scattered amongst the plethora of unintentionally funny moments. I think we need to search no longer for a modern day Edward D.Wood jnr.If home...

2/10: Raiders of the Lost art of genre filmmaking more like, oh me
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Canadian one man parody factory Brett Kelly takes a jab at the low budget shark movie and produces a feckless, meandering, painfully unfunny film made watchable only by how poor an example of filmmaking craft it is.The cinematography is flat, the narrative is ha, ha, ha, ha, there is none and even the welcome shark movie staple of cute girls in bikini's is ruined by how gimpish they're made to look by the screenplay's terrible humour.There is not much else to say about this film without using specific examples which is not how i like to do things anymore because it's extremely time consuming and looks extremely amateurish when i do it, just like this film. That, and i've also forgotten about 60% of what goes on in this film. Only a lingering sense of cheapness and tedium remains in my mind.It's impossible to recommend this film to anymore. It's...

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