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Stay Alive (2006)

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7/10: An Interesting spin on an...
Friday, April 14, 2006

An Interesting spin on an old recipe This is first and foremost a very good tribute to a past time that is fastly becoming one of the biggest media past times in history...gaming. As the tag line or trailer states there are thousands of gamers in the world and this is a film about a group of friends who inadvertently become attached to an online game that is more deadly than they realize. Sadly Stay Alive had the potential to be one incredible horror film, it could have been on the same playing level as The Ring, or the Final Destination series but due to it's extreme edit that cut the film to absolute shreds it falls sadly short. A film that was meant to be gory and disturbing instead is completely PG'd down to an utter joke as far as the special effects and deaths go making it barely a shell of what could have been...

3/10: Teen horror based around video...
Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teen horror based around video games rather than on one. Stay Alive is set in Louisiana & starts late one night as Loomis Crowley (Milo Ventimiglia) plays a demo version of a new horror survival computer game called Stay Alive based around the legend of killer Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Loomis becomes engrossed in the game but his character soon dies by being hanged. Back in reality Loomis is shocked to find two of his friends murdered & he also ends up dead, hanging from a light cable from the ceiling just like in the game. A close friend of Loomis named Hutch (Jon Foster) is devastated by the death of his friend & meets Abigail (Samaire Armstrong) at the funeral & the two comfort each other, while at the funeral Hutch is given some games belonging to Loomis including Stay Alive. Hutch & some of his friends decide to pay homage to Loomis & have a marathon session on Stay Alive but it soon becomes clear...

5/10: Not a particularly good film...
Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not a particularly good film, but I did not have to much problem staying awake. This movie could have been really good, it had a nice premise and I liked that the reason behind the killings was a supernatural force. However, what failed in this film is the execution. It was sloppily done, and it failed to be so bad that it was good and funny. It was to weak in the killings, for some reason trying to pull in a PG-13 rating rather than going for the throat and just making the movie have more of an edge. The story is interesting though as a gamer I enjoyed the idea of a game where if you die in it, you die in real life. The game itself is the title of the movie as well, it did not look like anything special though as it looked like at the most it would be an hour or two worth...

7/10: GAME OVER Personally I would...
Wednesday, June 5, 2019

GAME OVER Personally I would have preferred the title "Game Over" or "The Lady of Blood" as opposed to "Stay Alive." The title is too similar to the Bee Gees hit "Staying Alive," which caused that tune to stick in my head during the film. The movie is the cliche, "you die in the game, you die in real life" plot. I can't wait for nanotechnology to take off.There is a crew of young adults who find out about the negative issues of the game after several of their friends have died from it and they are in the middle of playing the game. Hutch (Jon Foster) is the main character and a big gamer. Due to a childhood accident he is afraid of fire, even so much as someone lighting a cigarette. This should have been better developed. October (Sophia Bush) is his girlfriend and a bit of a goth. Her brother is Phineus (Jimmi Simpson) who...

4/10: This Film Should Stay Dead...
Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This Film Should Stay Dead. Stay Alive (2006): Dir: William Brent Bell / Cast: Jon Foster, Samaire Armstrong, Frankie Muniz, Sophia Bush, Jimmi Simpson: Irritating horror film about video game violence. Lame plot regards illegal video game that kills its players the very method that instrumented their death in the game. This is all too ridiculous yet it could have worked had it been presented beyond juvenile level of intelligence. There is even a nauseating sound that accompanies the danger that is about as scary as breaking wind. Director William Brent Bell plays with the notion of video game violence and its influence but his screenwriter wallows in stupid horror film clich├ęs that ultimately reduce the film to a joke. The cast basically wait until it's their turn to die, and we don't care because the screenwriter's only ambitious is on how creative a death scene can be. If that is a horror film's prime ambitious then...

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