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Jan 28, 2020
7.9 / 10 - User reviews
Raimundo Ramos, Fabián Arenillas, Mauricio Toledo

In 1934, Bolivia is at war with Paraguay. Liborio and Ticona and other Bolivian indigenous soldiers are lost...

Hacksaw Ridge
One of the greatest heroes in American history never fired a bullet.
Oct 07, 2016
8.2 / 10 - User reviews
Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Vince Vaughn

WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people...

Some people cannot be broken.
Apr 23, 2021
5.6 / 10 - User reviews
Georgina Campbell, Luke Benward, Mido Hamada

An ambitious reporter stationed in the Middle East who is taken captive after her convoy is ambushed. She...

The War Below
Based on true events
Apr 17, 2021
5.9 / 10 - User reviews
Sam Hazeldine, Tom Goodman-Hill, Elliot James Langridge

During World War I, a group of British miners are recruited to tunnel underneath no man's land...

My Brother's Keeper
In spiritual warfare... no one is left behind.
Mar 19, 2021
7.0 / 10 - User reviews
T.C. Stallings, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Joey Lawrence

Travis Fox is a returning veteran struggling with PTSD and his faith in God.

Cosmic Sin
First contact has been made. It's war.
Mar 12, 2021
4.5 / 10 - User reviews
Bruce Willis, Adelaide Kane, Frank Grillo

Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo star in the new epic sci-fi adventure set in the year 2524...

Just Noise
Mar 09, 2021
7.4 / 10 - User reviews
Malcolm McDowell, Harvey Keitel, Tom Prior

How the citizens of Malta fought for independence from Britain in 1919. When the Army was sent to...

400 Bullets
Only one way out.
Mar 02, 2021
7.1 / 10 - User reviews
Jean-Paul Ly, Andrew-Lee Potts, James Warren

One cold winter night in Afghanistan is about to get a whole lot worse for Rana Rae, a...

Quo vadis, Aida?
전 세계가 눈 감아버린 그 날의 이야기
Feb 26, 2021
7.3 / 10 - User reviews
Jasna Duricic, Izudin Bajrović, Boris Ler

Bosnia, July 1995. Aida is a translator for the UN in the small town of Srebrenica. When the...

The Birdcatcher
inspired by true events
Feb 04, 2021
6.0 / 10 - User reviews
Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, Arthur Hakalahti, Jakob Cedergren

Norway, 1942, during World War II. After being separated from her family, Esther, a young Jewish girl from...

Shadow in the Cloud
Every mission has its demons.
Jan 01, 2021
5.8 / 10 - User reviews
Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Beulah Koale

A WWII pilot traveling with top secret documents on a B-17 Flying Fortress encounters an evil presence...

A Rebel Born
The true story of America's most infamous Confederate general.
Dec 03, 2020
- / 10 - User reviews
William Adams, Jezibell Anat, Karl Bishop

The story of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a brilliant and very controversial Confederate general in the War Between the...

Dara of Jasenovac
Nov 25, 2020
8.3 / 10 - User reviews
Biljana Čekić, Marko Janketic, Vuk Kostić

During the Nazi-occupied Ustasha regime "NDH" in former Yugoslavia during WWII, little girl Dara is sent to...

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