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They see your fear!
Mar 11, 2012
5.4 / 10 - User reviews
Aneurin Barnard, Amy Shiels, Wunmi Mosaku

Citadel tells the story of widower and single father Tommy Cowley, a man inflicted with chronic agoraphobia since...

The Citadel
Secrets of a doctor as told by a doctor!
Oct 29, 1938
6.4 / 10 - User reviews
Robert Donat, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Richardson

Andrew Manson, a young, idealistic, newly qualified Scottish doctor arrives in Wales takes his first job in a...

The Citadel
Jan 20, 1983
10.0 / 10 - User reviews
Gareth Thomas, Clare Higgins, Ben Cross

A faithful ten part BBC adaptation of A.J. Cronin's book of the same name published in...

Oct 08, 2015
10.0 / 10 - User reviews
Jon Bracey, Matt Helliker

Dubbed ‘The Mountain God’, the Citadel is a stunning 3000m peak in one of the remaining untouched corners...

Crumbled Citadel
Apr 29, 1957
4.0 / 10 - User reviews
Marcela Rusu, György Kovács, Ion Fintesteanu

This movie is a screen adaptation of the eponymous play by Horia Lovinescu. It follows a "bourgeois" family...

Jan 25, 2021
5.6 / 10 - User reviews
Boris Johnson

Filmed from the artist’s window during the first English lockdown, ‘Citadel’ combines short fragments from British Prime...

The Citadel
Jan 02, 1988
5.8 / 10 - User reviews
Djillali Ain-Tedeles, Khaled Barkat, Fatima Belhadj

In a small village in rural Algeria, the "village idiot" is madly in love with a married woman...

The Citadel Responded
Sep 24, 1970
- / 10 - User reviews
Georgi Georgiev-Getz, Ivan Kondov, Petar Slabakov

Major Hariev, a State Security officer, manages to learn that the spying center codenamed Citadel receives encoded letters...

The Citadel
Aug 14, 2015
- / 10 - User reviews
Daniel Jacobi, Micah Hollier, Snow Marie Reese

A boring office worker is forced to live the same day while death finds new ways to kill...

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