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Lone Survivor
Based on true acts of courage
Dec 24, 2013
7.4 / 10 - User reviews
Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch

Four Navy SEALs on a covert mission to neutralize a high-level Taliban operative must make an impossible...

His next target is now hunting him
May 21, 2015
5.6 / 10 - User reviews
Pierce Brosnan, Milla Jovovich, Dylan McDermott

A Foreign Service Officer in London tries to prevent a terrorist attack set to hit New York, but...

Designated Survivor
Declare your independence
Sep 21, 2016
7.2 / 10 - User reviews
Kiefer Sutherland, Maggie Q, Kal Penn

Tom Kirkman, a low-level cabinet member is suddenly appointed President of the United States after a catastrophic...

May 31, 2000
7.1 / 10 - User reviews
Jeff Probst

A reality show contest where sixteen or more castaways split between two or more “Tribes” are taken to...

Soul Survivors
The world of the dead and the world of the living... are about to collide
Sep 06, 2001
4.6 / 10 - User reviews
Melissa Sagemiller, Wes Bentley, Casey Affleck

A college freshman involved in a fatal car crash discovers she may not have survived after all when...

Nov 23, 2008
7.2 / 10 - User reviews
Max Beesley, Zoë Tapper, Paterson Joseph

When a deadly virus wipes out most of the world's population, a handful of survivors struggle to...

Alone. Stranded. Deadly
Jul 22, 2014
4.6 / 10 - User reviews
Danielle C. Ryan, Kevin Sorbo, Rocky Myers

During their search for a habitable planet the last living humans crash-land on a barren world, inhabited...

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation
Apr 05, 2013
7.8 / 10 - User reviews
Ami Koshimizu, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Hiroshi Kamiya

The countdown to extinction begins on Sunday with the arrival of the Septentriones, otherworldly invaders set on the...

Sole Survivor
This woman has cheated death. Now, Death wants to even the score.
Mar 16, 1984
6.0 / 10 - User reviews
Anita Skinner, Kurt Johnson, Robin Davidson

Denise Watson is a TV station worker who is the only survivor of a unexplained airplane crash in...

Sole Survivor
Jan 09, 1970
6.4 / 10 - User reviews
Vince Edwards, Richard Basehart, William Shatner

In 1960, the ruins of an American bomber were found in the Libyan desert, but the remains of...

The Survivor
A tale of death, and of an evil which transcends death
Jul 09, 1981
5.2 / 10 - User reviews
Robert Powell, Jenny Agutter, Joseph Cotten

When a 747 crashes shortly after take-off, the sole survivor is the pilot. Virtually unhurt, he and...

Survivor Türkiye
Mar 22, 2005
10.0 / 10 - User reviews
Acun Ilıcalı, Cemal Can Canseven, Barış Murat Yağcı

Survivor Turkey is the Turkish version of the popular reality Survivor. The show features a group of contestants...

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