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Elephant White
Set your sights on revenge
May 17, 2011
5.0 / 10 - User reviews
Kevin Bacon, Djimon Hounsou, Jirantanin Pitakporntrakul

An assassin is hired by a businessman to avenge the murder of his daughter by white slave traders...

White Elephant
This Christmas, they will open more than presents.
Nov 23, 2020
- / 10 - User reviews
Carmela Zumbado, Coco Jones, Devin Druid

When eight millennials convene for their annual gift exchange, a surprise marriage proposal thrusts the game into chaos...

White Elephant
Dec 07, 2018
- / 10 - User reviews
Reden Magtira, Marie Urquidi, Leslie Lacasa

After earning the trust of his mother, Chris throws a small Christmas party with his little sister and...

White Elephant
An amusing and well-founded semi-documentary about the resistance of the black continent to imperialistic technocrats
Jan 01, 1984
- / 10 - User reviews
Peter Firth, Nana Seowg, Abi Adatsi

This film was made entirely in Ghana and consists of documentary scenes and a fictitious story about a...

White Elephant
A self-love story.
Apr 02, 2021
- / 10 - User reviews
Zaarin Bushra, Gurleen Singh, Dulmika Hapuarachchi

It’s 1996. Pooja is a teenage girl with a crush on a white boy, just like the...

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