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First of all, this series...
Friday, February 18, 2022

First of all, this series was massive, both in terms of length and story. Maybe I feel this because I watched the whole series too fast (May 6th, 2021 ~ May 31st, 2021). Although, I still feel it was too fast and short. This series has become one of my favorite anime! I watched the whole series on Crunchyroll. I was so annoyed by the advertisement for SAO while watching another anime on CR, however, I liked the animation pictures (I love _A-1 Picture_'s anime haha). That was my trigger. I know there are complaints about the story; even my sister did. I half forced her to watch this series just because I wanted to share my excitement (ahh, bad brother...). Although, luckily, she was also enjoying the series up until season 2. I know there was a major turning point in the middle of season 1. I remember I was also the one who didn't have a...

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