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7/10: Could have been much better
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I was so glad to find yet another binge-worthy international TV series on Netflix especially this time from the Middle East and it did not disappoint in the beginning with the story of a family controlling arms trafficking on the border of Lebanon/Syria and also shedding some light on the Syrian conflict, terrorism and other issues in that region. I was also very impressed with acting especially of some of the main characters throughout the season but it unfortunately turned soap operaish after half way through the season. But that's not the only reason I did not give it a higher rating. Other reasons:1) Most actors/actresses and places looked perfect and unreal especially the women. It was hard for me to take the part of Alia (Nadine Nassib Njeim) for example, sometimes seriously, because the actress playing the part looked like a a perfect mannequin and not someone you can relate to. Have seen this...

9/10: Very enjoyable show with some flaws
Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Overall, this is a very enjoyable show with (mostly) excellent acting, a plot that keeps you involved and the desire to keep watching after each episode ends.With that being said, some things about the plot just collapse at the end and I wasn't convinced by the turn of events at all...***WARNING!!!! SEASON 1 ENDING SPOILERS***First and foremost, does anyone really believe the complete 180 they pulled with Aliya near the end? She suddenly out of nowhere wants Jabal and will do anything he says? I could tell they were going to do this from very early on but I think it was really too idealistic the way they portrayed her sudden change and I didn't find it believable. I don't think her actress did either as she complained about the direction of the show and didn't return for future filming.Also, Sakhar and Rima - really??? I get that he saved her from that...

1/10: Beautiful scenery. That is all
Saturday, December 1, 2018

So this is a show where a woman is subjugated, her son learns to disrespect her, her son is taken from her, and another woman is hit by her husband because she "provoked" him. This woman's family wants her to go back to him, although she is pregnant and vulnerable. Another side story has a couple trying to escape the area because the wife's family has not given permission for her to go with the man. If she goes back, you guessed it. She will be killed. This is horrible and I cannot understand how a situation like this exists anywhere in the world. Not one of the other reviewers seems to have a problem with it. Interestingly, I see nothing about this show on any of the mainstream USA entertainment sites. They are pretending it doesn't exist. On top of that, this is a soap opera with slow moving plot and wooden acting

10/10: Excellent Prospective on the Arab Culture
Thursday, April 16, 2020

This TV Series despite it being successful, on a professional artistic level, it also shows a great deal on how Actual Arabs do live in the real world. Regardless of how the mainstream Media portrays them, the reality is that, they conservatively live up to their values and principles, they count the lineage, and preserve their Heritage. These people honor the sense of Family and actually give it a meeting. Unlike us here in the west we've almost dismiss Family as Tradition. Manhood is vital in an individual, and here in the west we're becoming soft. You can see how Middle Easterners stand up against what they believe is wrong even if it costs alot, including blood, maybe that's one of the reasons why they're constantly fighting, maybe there's somewhat meaning behind their wars we here about

4/10: A very Soapy Opera
Sunday, October 7, 2018

I like to watch series from other countries as it is a way to gain global insight. I loved seeing the beauty of the country but the really cheesy acting is something that one has to endure, not to mention the constant grinding of teeth by the lead actor. That kind of quirky behavior really just detracts from the story. The story is pure fantasy, and in reality, I'm sure has singular and immense appeal to an audience from that part of the world as the characters are readily identifiable with people they would know in daily life. Everyone drives a Mercedes or equivalent and lives in beautiful homes that come straight out of an architectural magazine. Pure escapism, but it is a soap opera after all so that's to be expected. Overall, it's a way to get to see another culture from an indigenous, local perspective

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