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4/10: Starts out pretty good but...
Sunday, January 26, 2020

Starts out pretty good but ends horrible I'm not going to reveal too big of spoilers here but thought I would put the warning up just in case it was a little too much info for some.While trying to broaden my horizons by watching more foreign movies/shows I came across this short series (10 episode so far). It sounded like it could be funny and was similar in nature to A Good Old Fashioned Orgy which I liked so I was curious to see what a Spanish take on a similar subject might look like.While there are indeed some funny moments, the series ends up falling flat. The reason it falls flat is because most of the characters end up unlikable and are pretty much unredeemable. I completely agree with a previous reviewer that Adriana is the worst and least likable character of them all even though I felt sympathetic for her at first. I can...

9/10: Very enjoyable to watch and...
Thursday, September 10, 2020

Very enjoyable to watch and with some depth as well This TV series reminds me a lot of sex and the city as it has the same sense of humour and mainly centres about sex in the first place - which makes it very enjoyable to watch. But then it is very different as all main characters are in a stable relationship and the storylines focus on the development of those which gives this show some depth. What do you do if you figure out that one has grown apart but you still love each other - maybe in a different way over time? What to do while the clock of live is ticking and you want to experience romantic love again or follow personal preferences that cannot be lived out in the current partnership? All these story lines are told in a very humorous way and with much love of the characters, which are all very good looking and likable. And...

7/10: Interesting concept I liked the...
Monday, February 1, 2021

Interesting concept I liked the idea of the story, the characters were well developed and so was the storyline. It´s a good show to binge since it has short episodes and is very entertaining. Only huge boomer for me was the ending, but despite that I reccomend this show if you´re looking for somthing light and a bit different from the usual.

1/10: Too much.. and the acting...
Thursday, August 29, 2019

Too much.. and the acting is terrible The theme of the series is too tacky, trying to be super modern and "hip" but failing miserably.. predictable, terrible acting, and scenes that are way too morbid and unnecessary. Don't recommend it, couldn't even bear to watch an entire episode.

9/10: Funny & Refreshing Fun story line...
Thursday, January 9, 2020

Funny & Refreshing Fun story line with episode lengths short enough to keep interest on the plot. Only with they offered English subtitle options for the not "so fluent" spanish speaking community.

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