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Season 1 - episode 2
Apr 13, 2017
7.9 / 10

Holden interviews the eerily articulate murderer Ed Kemper, but his research provokes negative feedback at the Bureau.

Season 1 - episode 9
Apr 13, 2017
8.3 / 10

Holden's methods during a disturbing interview with mass murderer Richard Speck create dissension among the team and...

Season 2 - Episode 1
Feb 16, 2019
8.0 / 10

Amid sweeping changes at the BSU, Holden deals with severe repercussions from his close encounter with Ed Kemper...

Season 2 - episode 4
Feb 16, 2019
7.8 / 10

Holden develops a controversial profile in the Atlanta slayings. Wendy conducts her first interview and finds being on...

Season 2 - episode 5
Feb 16, 2019
8.1 / 10

Bill's devastating family situation spills over during his interview with Holden's holy-grail subject: Charles Manson...

Season 2 - episode 6
Feb 16, 2019
8.2 / 10

The FBI officially sends the BSU to Atlanta to investigate the missing and murdered children. Wendy second-guesses...

Season 2 - episode 9
Feb 16, 2019
7.9 / 10

The investigation zeroes in on a prime suspect who proves surprisingly adept at manipulating a volatile situation to...

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There's little that's...
Tuesday, June 16, 2020

There's little that's conceptually different in crime drama Mindhunter. It takes its cue from films like Silence of the Lambs and tries to craft a series with a 70's vibe. Regrettably, on its own this is not enough to carry this series. It needed more but fails to deliver. Its not helped by a rather pretentious and at times silly take on criminal profiling. It wants to be taken seriously but really it has more in common with corny series like Criminal Minds, than it might care to admit. On the upside its watchable, as its topic is inherently interesting in a morbidly depressing way and the acting is fair. By all means take a look but don't expect anything special. 5/10 from me.

First season great, the psychology...
Tuesday, March 8, 2022

First season great, the psychology is very interesting, the plot is good, at the beginning it's a little slow but then it kicks in and you can't stop. Second season... not so great, the plot is sloppy, part of the story has no ending, they completely deviate from their goal... The second season is pretty bad.

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