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4/10: Team Flash and sometimes feat. The Flash
Tuesday, February 25, 2020

This show had a way higher rating from me a few years ago. Now I dropped it to 4 stars. Why?Well it started of really good; A little bit of an insecure Barry learning and training more and more how to use the speedforce.Even though his powers are a LOT weaker than in the comics, it still was a joy to see the guy grow and learn more about his abilitiesA cast that was supporting him (even tho each cw show HAS to have a full team behind the Superhero which takes away from the hero imo)The main focus was on BarryThe main villain up till Zoom had a build up of anticipation and character developmentAnd Now?! of course the infamous line; " NO! WE are the flash!" (should've been foreshadowing of what to come)Barry stopped growing, on the contrary it feels as if his powers are dropping because he alway needs the help of other...

2/10: Get rid of iris please... Enough said
Friday, April 12, 2019

My wife and I were avid watches from seasons 1 through to 3, then season 4 happened.. it's like the writers wanted us to pay for being loyal by giving iris a bigger role than Barry's.. she is spoilt, annoying, nagging, controlling, countless unreasonable hissy fits, if my boss acted like her, id quickly tell her to shove her job where the Sun don't shine, i just don't think i could afford so many Panadol tablets to get thru every shift of having to deal with that... this show quickly went from being 'the flash' to the 'the Flash's wife', even giving her flash Powers.. her character is extremely annoying and really ruins the feel for the show.. we no longer watch as found it really cringeworthy... And my wife loves chick flicks so this is huge lol ... You need to get rid of her character, like kill her off, or have her quit the...

3/10: Kill Iris (Slow and Violent plz) and I'll give you 10
Monday, January 28, 2019

The plot of every season (after season 3): 1) Iris is nagging and acts as the boss's wife role commands 2) Villain appears and beats the crap out of Flash 3) Iris is worried and nagging 4) Barry tries to calm her down but it is still the beginning of the season so he fails 5) Somewhere in the middle of the season the rest of the crew are making they're appears as 50 year old teenagers. 6) Iris is still nagging and is in danger now 7) Barry calms her down and she says that she believes in THEM since THEY are the Flash. 8) Half of the last episode team flash (without Iris but she takes credit) manage to defeat the villain using team spirit and love. The other half of the season finale is boring celebration but at least Iris stopped nagging.Next season: Go to 1THIS IS WHY YOU GIVE THE HERO THE LOVE...

5/10: Would Somebody Please Shut Iris West Up
Sunday, May 10, 2015

Every episode Iris West goes on and on about how "Barry lied to me," "My father lied to me," "my boyfriend lied to me." Talk about a broken record. First she goes from being a waitress to magically getting a job as a top reporter. Then she spends the rest of her screen time accusing people of lying to her, then acting like a 10 year old by giving everyone the silent treatment. Her rants are always about, "I thought you loved me," "I thought you were my best friend." Unfortunately I know I am not the only person who just wants someone to put a bullet in her head and get that annoying character off the show. And why on earth would anyone want to date or live with that shrew? Her character adds nothing to any storyline. Get rid of her. It is otherwise a pretty good, albeit, a kind of childish show

6/10: Annoying daughter
Monday, January 28, 2019

I really like this show. Its goofy, fun and has some decent villains. I like all the characters, even Iris. But this season has brought in a new character who is ruining the show. The Flash's and Iris's daughter has shown up from the future. I know the acting isn't always the best in this show, but she has taken it to a whole new crappy level. She is irritating, and always has a pouty face. Its literally her only range of emotion she has. Her storyline is lame and again she is the WORST actor. Please........... get rid of her asap. I am really close to stopping watching this show, which is too bad because I've been watching from day one

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