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7/10: there is something wrong 7...
Friday, July 2, 2021

there is something wrong 7.0/10 It was fun at first and wonderful, but then as the episodes progressed it became very bad and boring and the fights and movement were meaningless and without a basic story, you will miss the story and the goal of the anime and you will lose the sense of fun because of meaningless things .I am surprised by people's positive words about the anime and the high rating that made it so popular. The character building was not as it should, and I did not see a focus on The main character and we did not see enough depth in the character.I don't know now what is the point of all these boring events and the lack of a basic story, the fighting scenes were excellent in terms of animation and smooth drawing, but many dialogues were mixed during the scenes, which made them bad.

10/10: Obsessed!! I didn't read...
Saturday, June 12, 2021

Obsessed!! I didn't read the manga but omg this was such a cool anime! Violence, action full on and comedy on point!! I love all the characters! Itadori really proved the point that you can get what you want if you gonna work for it! The animations were on point to and omg Gojo sensei stole my heart!! All the characters were amazing I honestly like first starting and ending theme songs! Panda is such a mood! Trust me you're gonna love this anime. Juju stroll always gives off such a good kick to this anime! I personally like Fushiguro, Gojo sensei, Sukuna, Nobara! Fighting scenes were so damn good!! I binged it so hard and can't wait for s2! Every genre lovers are gonna love this anime!!!! Ahhh I love love love this anime.

10/10: Highly Recommended!!! For everyone!! This...
Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Highly Recommended!!! For everyone!! This is the best anime ive ever watched it my favorite. The animation is flawless and the plot is quite interesting. The plot has suspense but on the other hand it also has a lot of friendship which can make it boring but there are a few adult themes/jokes to make it better. And honestly it just keeps getting better the first few episodes were so good but i feel like the new one are going to be better i binged all the episodes in 1 day and now i wait for January 16th for the episode 14th. I would recommend this anime to almost anyone who's interested in anime as it includes a little bit of everything.

10/10: If it continues like this...
Saturday, November 28, 2020

If it continues like this, in my top 3 list. On episode 9. So far, I have nothing to criticise: The protagonist is great, and all other characters extremely likeable and interesting. The story so far has been amazing and is well-written. The animation is top-notch, typical mappa!I'd go as far and say it's slightly ahead of kimetsu no yaiba / Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan. I just hope it keeps up with the quality and doesn't decline like other animes did with ongoing seasons.Give it a go, you won't be disappointed!

10/10: Season 1 After I binged...
Saturday, April 24, 2021

Season 1 After I binged attack on Titan I realized that anime was actually a genre I had some interest in. I needed something new to watch and I'd seen the ads for this series on Instagram, I decided why not and started it with a friend.If you haven't watched this show I really recommend it. It's funny, action packed, scary, violent, it's truly got everything you could look for in a show.10/10 series so far I will probably pick up the manga once I get a chance and I look forward to future seasons/the upcoming movie.

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