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1/10: Most Toxic Family Ever
Thursday, June 24, 2021

This show has the most Toxic Family Ever put to screen, these people are at a state that they would just kill each other just for breathing 100 feet away from each other.The Plot(if that even applies to it)is extremely old and frankly doesn't make sense, and is somewhat Offensive as well. It's the worst Kind of Love Triangle plot but of the worst kind so that's why our main leads are involved, and other Cast Members are just to Yell at each other in order to kill time. There Supposed family is a family of Army Veterans and Police Officers and yet they never behave like one, only the main lead ever goes out to work, and we have never ever seen anyone other than the main lead ever going for work, or even resembling somewhat of a Military training. The Show cast always yells at each other and has generic things that...

1/10: Sense less
Friday, February 19, 2021

In starting, this serial was good. But by watching, i saw some thing strange. That, if some one give a contact number of girl, then he save to own phone. End how the phone fallen to his hand?🤔 I travel in off-road are frequently, i have never fallen my phone. And if you say, that it was a huge bump or off-road area, but the "Car" is of average cost with suspense . Some times i dout , " are you okay?" The ideas of this serial or acting is sense lese. It has no idea of real life. This serial feels like wors idea. Only actress names "Sahi and her mother" is serious. And else actresses are worse, no knowledge, no idea of real life. Some times, i think that "Have you passed 10 th examination. In your family, everyone do like that?" This serial is worse ever seen in my life. This serial not, most of 90% series...

1/10: Dialogues in the show are really the height of shamelessness
Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Makers and actors should be ashamed of themselves for creating this crass show. Promotes nothing but hatred and headache. Watching a single episode is mentally a supreme human gutcheck. Same useless fights and arguments happen in each episode.Not sure how the actors agreed to this.Just a small example from the show, a character named NINAAD shown as retired army officer in his 60s, telling his wife, a woman also around 60, "I WILL BREAK YOUR FACE" and she doesn't respond. Mind you, the son of this said woman has been shown as a high rank Police Officer. Simply disgusting.A humble request to the makers and actors, please stop it and put your time and energy to something sensible

1/10: So negative, unethical, poor acting and useless dialogues
Saturday, August 7, 2021

The characters gather in one place and argue with one another. That's it. A woman longs for her own bro-in-law and this is glorified by the writers? What is this? Crime Patrol? Another sis-in-law enjoys when her bro-in-law insults his own wife (Kaku and Ashwani). Along with adults, there will be children also watching. They will only learn how to argue and cross boundaries in relationships. And please, the acting level is worst. I used to watch this and sometimes even now while waiting for other serials to start and unfortunately coz my sis-in-law watches it. Headache of corona season

1/10: Promote Extra marital affair by naming the affair as friendship
Monday, May 3, 2021

1ladki shaadi s phle chahe uske koi bhi relationship jo kisi k saath lekin vo 😏 shaadi sirf isliye kr rhi h ki vo apne pyar ko dekh paye are vo devar bhabhi vaale relationship ki 1maryada rehti and always she wants ki virat sirf uss pr dhyan de Kya bakvaas hai ye 1 family jo itni reputed bnkr dikhati hai vo girls ki pdhaii krne m support nhi krti Or jis family m ips army officers ho unki soch itni Giri hui hai Kya dikhane chahte hai ye tv vaale kuch bhi I don't like it I suggest you don't waste your time by watching this.In one word this show is a t***i show

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