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6/10: Too Technical and Cringeworthy I...
Monday, June 8, 2015

Too Technical and Cringeworthy I felt this anime could've had a lot more going for it. It has a good basis for a story but it comes off as cold and confusing. The hero isn't relatable to the viewer at all but somehow we are meant to pity him for not being able to cast practical magic like his sister. The interactions between the students are extremely cringe worthy and most of what they have to say embarrasses the hell out of them. Half of the episodes get in depth at all the mechanics of spell casting which might entertain some viewers but left me bored and surfing the web while waiting for a more interesting part of the episode to arrive.I would only recommend this anime to people who are into the technical aspect of science fiction, otherwise I'd stay clear of this one.

1/10: Worst anime ever!!!! ****Spoiler****I...
Friday, May 15, 2015

Worst anime ever!!!! ****Spoiler****I was watching till episode 7... I couldn't bear it! What the.... I was watching? Basically, the hero never suffers. He can beat everyone! He never smiles, though all girls in this anime are in love with him even his sister!... Whenever he talked to a girl, her face becomes red and in some seens, they touch their parts when they talk to him...Apart from his unclear relationship with his sister, nothing can stop him! What exactly will make me watch the next episode if I know that he will win? I wish I can talk to the writer! I see a hero has no history and no single problem! When did he becomes super super hero? Did he born with it? For me, Tom and Jerry does make sense more than this anime! Basically, the real definition of BS!!!

9/10: Very good anime ------------------------------SPOILER-------------------------------------------------------------SPOILER...
Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Very good anime ------------------------------SPOILER-------------------------------------------------------------SPOILER-------------------------------------------------------------SPOILER-------------------------------I loved this anime because of its main character.Basically the MC is very overwhelmingly powerful and in the whole series he has never truly lost a fight. I don't think I've seen an MC of any anime snap his fingers, amplify the sound, and decapitate/ knockout his opponent (that scene was so f-ing bad ass). Also he can automatically heal himself, which is too OP.His sister on the other hand is also very powerful but not as powerful as her brother (the MC). She is considered the most powerful in her freshman class and she also represents it.

2/10: Not worth your time and...
Sunday, February 7, 2021

Not worth your time and definitely not 7.2/10 By the time I discovered this was terrible it was E6/10. At that point I figured I'd finish it but wish I didn't. The plot is ridiculous: teenager super magicians who can't be beat by the world's best magicians including armed forces super magicians? An omnipotent pistol that do everything: removes disguises, shoot super bullets, smash through magical barriers? A sister that wants an incestual relationship with her brother? This was so dumb! Not to mention that every student is completely obnoxious. The only character I had any connection with was Angelina and she couldn't beat a 12 year old. This is the last time I use an IMDB rating to watch anime.

9/10: It's amazing! This is...
Thursday, September 17, 2020

It's amazing! This is one of the greatest animes of all time, on par with Monogatari and No Game No Life. It has a really good tory is really touching and amazing! It's so technical and mind blowing, yet it also has time to develop some really great and memorable characters. By mixing magic and sci-fi, this series is so unique and mind blowing, it leaves you wishing you went to a magic high school! The Irregular at Magic High School is really worth your time!Edit: Season 2 is amazing!

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