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10/10: Best quiz program ever
Sunday, December 29, 2019

This show has a tremendous success in the German-speaking countries - and rightly so. It is extremely entertaining with three intelligent, witty hosts (or one host and two team captains) . In particular Bernhard Hoecker - a veteran comedian and very smart (intelligent definitely is the new (and old) sexy) - is fascinating, Kai Pflaume charming as always and the balancing element, when emotions come to the boil. The questions are highly interesting and diverse, with a lot of life hacks on top. The guests are top-notch and bring different flavors to every new episode. But the show is best, when funny or even awkward comedic situations like slips of the tongue happen (more often than one would expect), since all three of the main cast are so great at reacting/improvising - a lot to learn and a lot to laugh - perfect

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