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9/10: JLA Meets The Boys And...
Friday, March 26, 2021

JLA Meets The Boys And Then Some Prime Video's (and Robert Kirkman's) Invincible adds another interesting take to the popular superhero genre. Filling the void of The Boys this year, Invincible is: mature, action-packed, visually stunning, charmingly written, perfectly acted, and so much more. I admittedly haven't read the comics but I was always aware of them and from my understanding, the show so far is staying true to the source material which is amazing. I love the world the creators setup, the heroes are oddly familiar in terms of looks and powers yet they are strangely different at times. It's extremely reminiscent of The Boys in that sense. The characters are heroic, funny, and transparent with one another (for the most part) similar to the Justice League animated series. While Invincible contains some superhero tropes, it's done on purpose and there's always something interesting happening thanks to the strong writing and perfect...

10/10: Promising I watched the first...
Saturday, March 27, 2021

Promising I watched the first episode and after the ending i just had to binge watch the next two. It was just as mindblowing as when i first read the Omniman arc.I don't know why people are so mad that there's gore in this show. I mean, it's not for kids, the story is mature and trust me, if there were superheroes and supervillains in real life, the gory deaths would be an everyday thing. I have read all the comic book series and for the people that thinks everything is predictable i just have to say that they're right... and they're totally wrong as well. Just keep watching.The plot is well written, characters are credible, voice acting is good, animation is not perfect but not bad either. I'm getting hyped with every episode and i just can't wait to things that will come next. Mindblowing will be a recurring word...

9/10: Emotional, gory, and fun show...
Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Emotional, gory, and fun show I am not a comic guy and don't really watch super hero stuff but this show was amazing. Just watch the first episode to the very end then decide if you want to continue. Once you know, you know.The fight scenes are long and brutal. The show has awkward and heart wrenching moments. The voice acting is exceptional.Only negative is the boring teenage boiler plate stuff. But the maincharacter is a teenager so not much else to expect. Though most of the characters are interesting and endearing, a portion of them are just idle/boring like Rex, duplicate girl, samson. The animation budget went completely in to the fight scenes so you might notice the flying and other parts are a bit flimsy/choppy.

10/10: Long time Invincible comic fan...
Friday, March 26, 2021

Long time Invincible comic fan. I am a huge fan of the Invincible comic. Knowing Kirkman was involved with the show made it more likely it would follow the spirit of the comic. I never have an expectation that it will be the same story or exactly like the comic and I hope you don't either. So far, in the first few episodes it has stayed true to the main story arc and feel of the comic series. The voice cast is spot on and it is as adult as it must be to hold true to the story. I am enjoying this immensely and I think you will too.Update: Finished 1st Season - It went from a 9 to a 10. It is perfect. Watch this show.

10/10: You Feel It ALL From...
Thursday, May 6, 2021

You Feel It ALL From the incredible cast of voices breathing godlike life into these characters, to the writing that rips out your guts and cookie cutter superhero stories as much as it does actual guts...this show is a treasure. Not only are you constantly wondering (how the are they going to finish this??? -which they do perfectly, FYI), but you're also left wondering why we don't get these emotionally complex characters all the time! Kudos to Amazon for recognizing greatness, giving it the green light, and then allowing the creative team to do its thing! Cannot WAIT FOR SEASON 2 and 3!

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