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6/10: Ok novela but not great...
Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Ok novela but not great I loved the beginning of this telenovela, the mood of the cafetales was great and I was really happy with Levy's return. After finishing it, however, I think that something was going in behind the set between the 2 main protagonists, I think they were not getting along, as there were alot of episodes in this novela, where they don't have any interactions, this is not normal for a telenovela. The main love story is almost forgotten. The mother of Sebastian and Ivan is the most dumb annoying racist and homophobic character I've ever seen. The love scenes lacked passion and were cut very short in my opinion and with comparison with other telenovelas of William Levy Tempestad and Sortilegio, big dissapointment there. The main theme song sang by Gaviota is very repetitive, as well as for the few other songs. I felt the pace was bad, the ending felt very rushed...

10/10: Excellent soap opera I see...
Sunday, July 11, 2021

Excellent soap opera I see this new version as a romantic story not only of Gaviota and Sebastián, but all the couples that are involved. I am impress with Levy's interpretation. Main actress is not the best, but I think so she is changing through the story becoming a strong character. Supporting actors, and actress are between the best in Colombia. Location is astonishing! Music has my 12 years old son singing in spanish!

8/10: Good novela I love this...
Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Good novela I love this telenovela, I was really happy with Levy's return, however, I feel there could be more passion between the 2 protagonists, the love scenes were cut too short in my opinion with comparison with other telenovelas of William Levy Tempestad and Sortilegio. The main theme song sang by Gaviota is very repetitive.

9/10: No Season 2 For those...
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

No Season 2 For those asking, there will not be a season 2. This is a "telenovela" as such, its anywhere from 100 or so to almost 170 episodes, and thats it. This is not a series with multiple seasons, the story is told in one season and thats' it.

10/10: Love William Levi Although I...
Saturday, June 26, 2021

Love William Levi Although I feel they could have chosen a better actress for the role of his mother, I absolutely LOVED the novela and the storyline. It has me wanting to binge watch and now I can't find Season 2. Where is Season 2? SMH.

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