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5/10: Dexter goes to Wokelandia
Sunday, November 7, 2021

Only some minor woke spoilers ahead but they spoil everything in Hollywood nowadays.I thought the original series ended perfectly. Dexter's character arc was complete. He had learned about emotions. Dug up his past. He had been a vigilante. Studied others like him. Emancipated himself from Harry. He had covered up his deeds by sacrificing Police procedure and ultimately deservedly lost all of his family. And so he ended up alone but alive. How could anybody give a fictional serial killer a better ending ? Or more lenient.Yet we all can't look away. Okay, so let's bring him back then. But after watching the first episode I have to say I am not impressed. It's impossible to focus on Dexter's adventures when he is stuck in a Woke parallel universe where Hollywood wants us all. "Save the planet". Bring all ethnicity, gender remix and disability to parade around. It's like being stuck in Michael...

8/10: A Good Start! But
Monday, November 8, 2021

I'm a big fan and I enjoyed the episode. But, it was pretty odd and inconsistent. Tiny town. Dexter said he had been there for a few years. Women had been going missing there for a couple years. Why would he pick a tiny town with an active serial killer? That would have made him an immediate suspect. And, dating the Police Chief? Why take the chance with someone who can do a real background check on you? Then we have Harrison finding him in episode one. How is that possible? And why does Harrison now seem to be grown? I don't mind the wokeness that others here are complaining. Marching against oil companies has been happening for years. That's part of real life. And gay people are too, So that's fine. But all the inconsistencies? Where's Hanna? She's not a cast member this season. What was the deal with Dexter stalking the deer...

6/10: Enjoyed it. It's not too terrible. Woke checklist alert
Sunday, November 7, 2021

Episode 1 review (no spoilers) I was actually excited for this. I wasn't too disappointed. One annoying thing is it's almost like they have a "woke" checklist they have to tick off. I've always enjoyed the general premise of the series, so I enjoyed this. Hoping it goes past just one season, as long as it doesn't get any worse. Hoping it gets a bit better honestly.In spite of that, I enjoyed it. Even the bad seasons of Dexter were still entertaining. Nothing will ever beat Season 1 and 2 though.This first episode, without spoiling anything, did feel a tad rushed, in spite of the almost hour long running time.At this point I cannot remember much about the original series, it's been so long. But as far as reboots go, this isn't actually all that bad. I expected it to be worse, but hoped it'd be better. If you don...

8/10: Of course I'm going watch this
Sunday, November 7, 2021

First of all, I had no problem with the way the previous show ended. Regardless of how or why someone is a serial killer, even in a TV show, it should not have a happy ending. After everything that happened to the character, and all the lives lost, the ending made sense. He shut down. That's why there was no dialogue of what he was thinking. Because he literally shut off his mind and exited from his previous reality... Possible spoilers: It's cool to see the show back again to see what the true ending will be. The first episode was ok, as it seemed to be just the foundation of Dexter's current status as the show gets ready to dive into main plot lines... My initial take on Harrison being back is that he may not be real. It's seems strange that he'd suddenly show up and was somehow able to track Dexter down...

5/10: A Little disappointing
Sunday, November 7, 2021

Okay, as an avid Dexter fan (I have watched all seasons, many times), I must say I was disappointed in the first episode of New Blood. The fact that Dexter was a blood spatter analyst gave him the tools to accomplish his murders and cover up his tracks. Him running a game shop just doesn't fit well with his genius. It also isn't that crazy to think that a common small shop employee could potentially be a murderer. A blood spatter analyst was just a more believable cover. Also, I think the scene where Harrison shows up could have been done way way better. Maybe leaving that at the end of the episode and having that be the cliffhanger for the next episode. Also, I understand to an extent why Dexter wanted to run away and start a new life, but I think he should have transferred to Oregon and remained an employee of the police unit. I...

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