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The first episode of Moon...
Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The first episode of Moon Knight was, in general, very good. It was fast-paced ( maybe too fast-paced sometimes when you could not really follow the action and also understand the main character's feelings and emotions). The only huge problem was the CGI, which, from my perspective, was terrible- it looked cheap and rushed and really ruined some good action out there. Oscar Isaac was awesome as always and his British accent was really impressive; Ethan Hawke was okay (he did not really have much to do), and the rest of the cast was good as well. No real criticism for this one, I have to see the other episodes, because the true value of this origin story really depends on them. The music is well chosen, the cinematography is unusually good for a Marvel production and the overall quality really sold me. I'm in

Better than expected, this is...
Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Better than expected, this is not the normal marvel formula and they really gave it a suspenseful dark vibe. Would love to see this character in upcoming MCU movies

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