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The problem with this show...
Friday, May 27, 2022

The problem with this show lies not within its stories. The little adventures themselves are thought out well and connect to the bigger plot in some way somehow. The unforgivable problem with this show is the appalling characters with their ridiculous haircuts, the dumb and dumber dialogues they are having, poor decision making of said characters, and finally, the "modern" special effects boring the hell out of anyone who has seen two or more popular sci-fi movies. Complete with useless CGI zoom ins, asteroid dodging space vehicle race, disregard for thermodynamics, gravity, biology, common sense or simple logic. Just pretty moving pictures straight from the PC of some overworked and over-payed dude with no imagination of his own insulting the intelligence of the viewer. By the way, nice harem the captain of this universe has going for him, the first time he steps on his bridge not a single man in sight. Which does not reduce the quality...

The only thing strange about...
Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The only thing strange about this series is the notion its radically different from Picard and Discovery. As far as I'm aware it utilises essentially the team, who created the other shows. In my opinion, its writing is mediocre, full of plot holes and predictably woke. Sure, the political correctness its been toned down but it is still there, in all its fussy, lecturing, needy, simpering glory. I tried one episode and that was more than enough for me to walk away. To my mind, this is original Star Trek "dress up" devoid of the quality story telling, wit and honest charm, that made the original series a sci fi cult classic. Sorry but this "aint Jim Kirk" or anything even close......

Ive only watched 7 of...
Friday, July 15, 2022

Ive only watched 7 of the 9 episodes that are currently available... and I am finding the stories very uninteresting. So much so, that I am not eager to watch the remaining episodes. This is basically a prequel to STOTS with Captain Kirk. The original STOTS pilot episode (The Menagerie) that had Captain Pike at the helm of the Enterprise and that story was far more engaging than any of this series. I'd rather go back and watch the STOTS again than watch Strange New Worlds... even without the special effects, is far more engaging and exciting. The writing is that much better. Very disappointing!

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