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I really, REALLY wanted to...
Monday, March 28, 2022

I really, REALLY wanted to like this one. I have been such a huge Halo fan since the first game. This is an example of a production company who liked the IDEA of the intellectual property, and had a complete disrespect and disdain for the CONTENT of the property. This felt nothing like Halo, and completely ignored the established franchise's history, lore, cannon, etc. Bad CGI, bad action sequences, and a completely underwhelming plot and actor performances. Again, I REALLY wanted to like this. After all of the production company interviews and announcements leading up to the premiere, stating that this series was "going to be its own thing," I anticipated about a 3 or 4/10 on the enjoyability meter. Solid 1.5/10 for me. Worse than even I expected. Waste of time. Why would you do this, Paramount?

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