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I'm something of a...
Tuesday, August 16, 2022

I'm something of a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, so I was excited to see a new series, bearing the name. Regrettably, for me, the name is all I could see, that's in keeping, with the franchise. Not only could I see none of the series well known characters but the story line itself, seems to share only a passing semblance, with the original story. Worse still, the revised story comes across as stilted and awkward. Its not sure where it's supposed to go, which comes as no real surprise. Resident Evil offers plenty of material to work with, why not build on its solid foundations? Why too, pitch this as what appears to be a youth audience drama? Resident Evil is very much adult fare. Trying to shoe horn it into this demographic, seems like a real mismatch to me. The result, in my eyes is yet another unmemorable "zombie series" that has little to...

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