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50/10: The real peripheral in this predictably woke series, is men. They are mostly silly creatures, who never grow up. At least, according to the main character and her mother
Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Yes "wo-man power" is everything. Men are persistently relegated to menial roles, doing as they are told and fighting battles, for their intellectually superior, female counterparts. Its small wonder the US entertainment industry is circling the proverbial, if they think unfairly denigrating one half of the human race, is going to slip by unnoticed. On the upside, the underlying story is interesting (once you cut past the woke-ness) and the action is well paced and of a reasonable standard. CGI is polished and imaginative, too. Its a shame we don't see a return to entertainment where "people" play different roles and this incessant gender politicking, is thrown in the waste bin of entertainment history, where I feel it belongs

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