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8/10: Two Ratings - 8/10 for...
Saturday, January 12, 2019

Two Ratings - 8/10 for S01~03, 3/10 for S04~05 Be thankful for what we got.. seasons 1 through 3. Fascinating program. The story of Ragnar, the acting of Travis Fimmel and the extraordinary detail made the first three seasons compelling. Tostig. My god, the guy had what less than twenty lines and stole the show. And then the bottom fell out of the show. Supporting characters were tasked with carrying the show and they weren't up to it. What was an epic story morphed into an epic cluster____ of pointless events, battles and internal squabbling to the point where I don't care who wins or loses anymore. And I"m sick of Lagertha and Boneless. Oddly enough, a secondary character, King Harald, had potential. Too bad he's sidelined as semi-comedic material. Excellent actor.But give the show credit -- remember how great the first three seasons were.

8/10: Who Wants To Be A...
Saturday, May 8, 2021

Who Wants To Be A King? Vikings is probably one of the best history show I have watched in a long time. This Show gaves it's best in everything whether it is Action, History, or it's religious aspect. I liked every Single moment of it.But there is a sudden downhill in the show after Ragnar's death. It actually lose it's true nature and becomes uniteresting And a little boring. Season 5 & 6 Are especially the most weakest seasons of the show yet some characters like Lagertha, Bjorn And Ivar tries to makes you watch it.Season 1-3 Are A must watch as it explores the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok and that is pretty good then season 4 is also good one but a little dull compared to previous seasons but still watchable but Season 5 And 6 are bit disappointing.

9/10: Discovered this a few weeks...
Thursday, July 22, 2021

Discovered this a few weeks ago - quickly becoming one of my favorites. First things first - the characters, brought to life by the brilliant performances are... spectacular. The writers, producers, directors, and most of all the actors were -all- so inspired - so much passion for the product, that every scene evokes its own life. Though the show is super serious, it dosent always take itself too seriously which is rare and very welcome.Every character has redeeming qualities and I must say... This is quite the amazing show. I didnt know there were more than 4 seasons, so maybe I'll finish with what's on Netflix and leave it there, cuz a lot of you guy's really seem to note a quality dip..A must watch - one of my favorite newer series.

8/10: Seasons 1-3 are a...
Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Seasons 1-3 are a must see, the rest not so much Vikings is fresh, smart, as historically accurate as it can be considering the people they're talking about had runes as an alphabet, but the charisma of the story was the rise of Ragnar and his precise & quiet war strategy and tactics. Once that was gone and a bunch of Disney kids took over, it fell flat and stale. Unfortunate really because seasons 1-3 are possibly the beat thing on TV since The Sopranos. Killing Athelstan was also a bad choice because his dynamic with Ragnar was the real love story of the show. Still, a big fan, but now I watch it more out of obligation then pleasure, which is a sign that maybe I should stop? Tell me Seer! Should I give up on Vikings?

9/10: Rating for the first four...
Thursday, February 18, 2021

Rating for the first four seasons- The first four seasons are really good. I couldn't watch an episode without wanting to watch the next one immediately after and then, more often than not, ended up doing it. Season five I kept watching just to know what had become of Bjorn, Lagertha and Floki mainly, but by this season the quality of the show had decreased a great deal. Season six I only watched because I knew it would be the last one and wanted to see how it would end. And after a long time of unnecessary fighting and kind of stupid plots lines (not all though) it came to an unsatisfactory end. And I'm not talking about the history (whatever happened, happened) but they could have told it in a more interesting way.

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