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Decent TV show fight choreography...
Monday, March 22, 2021

Decent TV show fight choreography. An interesting story. A sh*tty execution. I mean, people are spread on more than one planet, they can move experiences from one body to another and all you get is curved screens, tablets, and minor variations to Google's Material Design? I'd have appreciated to cut the fighting part off the show, and spend the money for a decent futuristic design. Or maybe that's why one guy is Kubrick and these ones are the guys with a canceled NetFlix show. And, of course, the only sexual desires can be heterosexual. Women, on the other hand don't seem to be anything more refined than a simple accessory, unless they work for the Big Brother and they are protecting the safety of those who are the system. As for the bad guys: Russians. You know, the minimal White courtesy of not sending you a brown person. I would have also appreciated less Marxism...

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